Monday, August 18, 2008

Speech and Progressives

Though the above cartoon from Michael Ramirez refers to how the left wants to cut off any debate about global warming, it is an attitude pervasive among the progressive left across the entire spectrum of their interests. The far left is pushing mainstream, and as they do, the utter rot at the core is being exposed. There is no debate of ideas or freedom of speech with these fanatics. There is nothing intellectually honest about them. I blogged on the worst aspects of this several days ago as regards those on the far left who want to criminalize political disagreements, but there are just a plethora of more examples popping up every time I look around. Here are a few that are new and some that I just neglected to blog when they occurred.

Amy Alkon, the Advice Goddess, posted on an unfortunate incident - the mother of 6 children by 6 different drug dealers was killed during a SWAT raid on a drug house. Her take on the incident differed with that of some of her "progressive" readers. Rather than argue her reasonsing, the progressive readership attempted to basically shut down her comments section. (H/T Instapundit).

Jon Voight was subject to intense criticism for making his views on Obama known. That is no problem. Suggesting that he should be blacklisted in Hollywood is, however, a problem.

And people have lost their livelihoods over their politics. Ask Jonathan Crutchley. Mr. Crutchley, a now former chairman of the board of the gay website, was forced by his fellow boardmembers to resign after they found out that he had donated money to John McCain. God forbid you be gay and conservative. Somebody had better tell Gay Patriot and Ex Cathedra.

My once fellow Watcher's Council member, a jounalist blogging under the pseudonym Callimachus, has stopped blogging over concerns that his boss in the news industry will fire him over his political stance. Callimachus was more of an independent than anything. But we are now in an environment were independence is no longer an option for many.

And another Watcher's Council member, Bookworm Room, keeps her conservativism safely hidden in a closet of her home near San Francisco. As she wrote some weeks ago:

Given that liberals are in the catbird seat, and given their much-vaunted tolerance, one might think that they’d be kind to, indeed solicitous of, the few Republicans in the midst. Sadly, however, that’s not the case. As regular readers know, I’ve chosen to keep my political life separate from the day-to-day aspects of my life. I simply can’t (and don’t want to) run the risk of tainting my carpools, my neighborhood barbecues, my kids’ comfort level at school, the camaraderie of the sports teams with which we’re involved, etc., by exposing myself to the obloquy that is routinely heaped on conservatives here — and this is a hostility that increases as elections draw near, of course

I do believe this oppression has a name, or at least it used to. That name was McCarthyism.

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