Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revolutionary Agitation - It Isn't Just For The Middle East

We are moving to a period when politics no longer matters, when it has no relevance and bears no further analysis. These people are not our people. We have nothing in common with them or they with us.

There is no discussion, there can be no discussion – there is no common ground, nothing we can relate to. We use the same vocabularies but we speak different languages. Our politics have been stolen. The process started a long time ago, and the theft has been incremental. But it is almost complete.

Now, we have to get it back. And this is no longer a question of changing the government, in the hope of getting something new and different, something closer to our way of thinking. That is not going to happen. We need something more fundamental. There is a name for that ... revolution.

Here, there is the hard way and the easy way, the violent way and the peaceful way. We have to continue trying the latter, in order to stave off the former. But either way, let's call a spade a spade. We are no longer interested in politics. We are revolutionaries now.

So sayeth . . . Britain's Dr. North of EU Referendum. The gulf between rank and file Brits and their political leadership seems deep and the problems causing it systemic. Representative democracy is at least one, if not two steps, from the electorate, leaving the nomenklatura free to do such things as transfer the nation's sovereignty to the EU without a promised referendum for the British voters. That was a bloodless coup, and the Brits are paying for it in many ways, from open borders immigration to green policy to fisheries policy, trash refuse and many more. Let's hope there is something the Brits can learn from the Egyptians.

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Ex-Dissident said...

The divide between US conservatives and the Left, is no smaller.