Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boundless Arrogance - A NYT Update

I blogged below on the Drudge Report's story about the NYT editor, David Shipley's decision not to run a McCain opinion piece that responded to Obama's "My Plan for Iraq" editorial that the NYT published last week. Hot Air now has the entire e-mail sent by Shipley to the McCain camp, outlining what Shipley expected to be in McCain's piece before he would publish it. Here is the meat of the e-mail:

Thank you for sending me Senator McCain’s essay.

I’d be very eager to publish the Senator on the Op-Ed page.

However, I’m not going to be able to accept this piece as currently written.

I’d be pleased, though, to look at another draft.

Let me suggest an approach.

The Obama piece worked for me because it offered new information (it appeared before his speech); while Senator Obama discussed Senator McCain, he also went into detail about his own plans.

It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, the article would have to articulate, in concrete terms, how Senator McCain defines victory in Iraq. It would also have to lay out a clear plan for achieving victory — with troops levels, timetables and measures for compelling the Iraqis to cooperate. And it would need to describe the Senator’s Afghanistan strategy, spelling out how it meshes with his Iraq plan. . . .


David Shipley

See the whole e-mail at Hot Air (emphasis added)

Mr. Shipley's arrogance and his incredible bias could not be more clearly shown than in this e-mail. A timetable for withdraw? Pressuring the Iraqi govenment to cooperate? He wants McCain to adopt the Obama plan for surrender, predicated as it is on a complete fabrication of today's truth on the ground. Did this idiot stop reading his own newspaper in 2006? One wonders just what passes for reality amongst the leftist elites and just whether there is any limit to their arrogance.

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Reading idiotic NYT articles will raise your blood pressure and is simply bad for your health.