Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is too priceless. The author of an article in the NY Sun, "Palin Pick Puts Many Women On The Verge," went to the Code Pink members and other activists for reaction to McCain's selection of Gov. Palin. In a super-nova of PDS, these excitable ladies expressed in colorful terms their deep, soul wrenching angst about Sarah Palin . . . and are then diagnosed by our own Dr. Sanity. Here is the article with some helpful added visuals:

Senator McCain's selection of Governor Palin of Alaska as his running mate, which was hailed in some quarters and met with skepticism in others, is sparking intense reactions from some New Yorkers, who report being driven to fits of rage and even all-consuming panic.

"All of my women friends, a week ago Monday, were on the verge of throwing themselves out windows," an author and political activist, Nancy Kricorian of Manhattan, said yesterday.

"People were flipping out. ... Every woman I know was in high hysteria over this. Everyone was just beside themselves with terror that this woman could be our president — our potential next president."

Ms. Kricorian allowed that she was among those driven to distraction, upon occasion, by Mrs. Palin's nomination. "My Facebook status last Monday was, 'Nancy is freaking out about Sarah Palin yet again,'" the writer said.

A posting on a New York-based Web site for women,, spoke of unbridled anger. "What I feel for her privately could be described as violent, nay, murderous, rage," an associate editor at Jezebel, Jessica Grose, wrote just after the Republican convention wrapped up.

"When Palin spoke on Wednesday night, my head almost exploded from the incandescent anger boiling in my skull." Ms. Grose was not alone. More than 700 comments poured in, many from women who said they were experiencing a visceral hostility to Mrs. Palin that they were struggling to explain.

"When I see people crowing about her 'acceptable' speech last Wednesday ... I literally want to vomit with rage," a comment from Anibundel said.

"I am shocked by the depths of my hatred for this woman," another commenter, CJWeimar, wrote.

"It is impossible for me not to read about her in the newspaper in the subway every morning on my way to work and not come into the office angry and wanting to kick things," a commenter using the name ChampagneofBeers wrote. "My boxing class definitely helps."

Even some prominent figures admitted to being overcome by anti-Palin feelings. "I am having Sarah Palin nightmares," an acclaimed playwright and writer, Eve Ensler, wrote on the Huffington Post.

She said she was disturbed by the chants about oil and gas drilling during Mrs. Palin's speech to the Republican convention. "I think of rape. I think of destruction. I think of domination," Ms. Ensler wrote.

Experts and the women themselves offered differing explanations for the extreme reactions. "I think a lot of women felt insulted by the idea you could just take any woman," a longtime editor of women's magazines, Bonnie Fuller, told The New York Sun. "A lot of women feel it was a very cynical decision. ... What got some women's backs up was the idea she didn't earn her stripes. It's been so hard for so many women to get ahead both in business and in the political worlds and she just seemingly slips in." . . .

Ms. Kricorian said some of the agitation was because women felt Mr. McCain was pulling off a political trick, using the novelty of selecting a woman to hide her conservative social and religious views. "The women thing is a ruse. ... She was chosen because of the evangelical thing," the writer said. "It's weirdly stealthy that she's not talking about it."

Ms. Grose posited that some of the anger was because Mrs. Palin, a former beauty pageant winner, resembled a high school homecoming queen. "She has always embodied that perfectly pleasing female archetype, playing by the boys' game with her big guns and moose murdering, and that she keeps being rewarded for it," Ms. Grose wrote.

A psychiatrist and conservative blogger, Patricia Santy, said the strong emotional reactions are driven by Mrs. Palin's differing with the left-leaning political agenda of many feminists. "Their entire image of themselves is based on the fact that they are paving the way for women. What do they see? Women getting ahead, women being empowered who don't agree with them," Dr. Santy said. . . .

A psychiatrist who wrote a book remotely psychoanalyzing President Bush, Justin Frank, said some women felt Mr. McCain was mocking them by naming an unqualified but attractive woman to the ticket. "You're put in the position of attacking her and going against your own gender. ... What makes it even worse is so many people are actually taken with her," Dr. Frank said. "It makes you speechless, almost apoplectic, if you're a feminist." . . .

Apparently, they do not suffer this angst up in the frozen north. Go figure. Read the entire article.


Dinah Lord said...

Bravo, GW!

OMG, You had fun with this one, didn't you?

And I loved this:

"a super-nova of PDS".


Anonymous said...

I simply don't understand it.

Just plain old jealousy??? It seems like the only explanation...

Other than that, it seems like they want the ideal woman to be asexual - but free to participate in sex without consequences. Add that to the emasculation of men and the promotion of gay sex and it seems to me that if they had their way, we'd be rapidly approaching the ideal society of a bee hive...all sexless worker bees except for the drones (whose sole purpose is to inseminate the queen once in her lifetime) and who get kicked out of the hive when things get tough. I guess the idea is that since most of our work no longer requires brawn, and since women equal men in brains, we just don't need them any more.

They're nuts.

Joanne said...

This was very amusing. Women can be such bitches. I can't think of anything worse than working with a lot of women, and all it takes is one rotter to make the lives of others suffer. So many women will stab you in your back to your face.

I wonder if these women who hate Sarah Palin would feel any different if she was fat and ugly, if her husband was fat and ugly, and if she aborted all five of her children. These are the kind of women who actually hate themselves in so many ways, that a woman who comes along and seemingly has it all, throws them into a jealous rage. Let these women rage on - their husbands, boyfriends, or partners will see them for who they are and toss them to the curb, which is where they belong and what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

hey joanne, so you have read Atlas Shrugged also. You are the only one I have read that has used rotter, to describe a worthless humans. Heltau

Unknown said...

They see the wretchedness and ugliness of their own souls reflected back from the light of Sarah;s goodness. Like vampires they hiss and claw at the offense of the light.