Friday, May 29, 2009

So Much For The Promise Of A Post Racial America

Not that there was any chance of a post-racial, post-discrimination America occurring on Obama's watch to begin with. Anyone who ignored the implications of Obama's relationship to Rev. Wright et. al. in order to to take Obama at his promise was simply naive beyond reason. Obama is at the far left end of the far left, and their stock in trade is marxian identity politics and reverse racism. Thus it is little surprise that we are treated today to two outrageous acts of the Obama administration - the dismissal of voter intimidation charges against three members of the New Black Panthers (think KKK, just differnt colored hood(ies)), and then both Obama and Gibbs attempting to excuse the racist comments of Judge Sotomayer.

It has literally become part of the Dem playbook to claim voter intimidation and other fraud when they loose an election, even where none exists. Yet now, "political appointees" of the Obama Dept. of Justice have dropped the prosecution of three thugs from New Black Panthers who engaged, on camera, in voter intimidation in favor of President Obama during the Presidential election. This is after a judgment had already been entered them. The Washington Times has the story. Micelle Malkin, PJM, Power Line, Hot Air and others have blogged this. There is nothing that I can add but my sense of ever growing outrage over the reverse racism that is tolerated and excused by the left.

Then there is Supreme Court nominee Sotomayer. Her 2001 statement that "a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life" is reverse racism, pure and simple. There is just no other way to interpret that statement. Indeed, as Andrew McCarthy notes at NRO, it is a remark sufficiently clear in its racism that, were it read during jury selection, she would not qualify as an impartial juror. She would be tossed by the Court. And she is qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice?

And it becomes all the more vivid when considering the manner in which Sotomayer summarilly dealt with the reverse discrimination claim of nineteen firefighters. She did not even deign to consider their arguments in rendering her decision.

All of this is outrageous, but what brings it trulyhome was listening today to President Obama and Robert Gibbs seperately attempt to explain this away. They did this not by indicating that Sotomayer had some explaining to do on the topic, but by claiming that what she said did not mean what she said. They are playing us for idiots and, worse, excusing casual racism in the process.

While I may be appalled, I am not suprised by any of this. I wrote an essay earlier in the year discussing the post Civil War history of racism in America, pointing out that the Republican Party has always been the party most closely aligned with equality, that racism has always been most prevelant on the left, and indeed, that racism is at the heart of today's far left political philosophy. To quote from that essay:

. . . Sometime about 1968, the far left movement emerged as a major wing of the Democratic Party. This far left wing hijacked the civil rights movement and made it, ostensibly, the raison d'etre of their wing. Gradually, the far left has grown until it is now the dominant force in Democratic politics. JFK, Truman and FDR would recognize precious little of today's Democratic Party.

The far left fundamentally altered the nature of the Civil Rights movement after they claimed it as their own. They imprinted the movement with identity politics, grossly distorting the movement's goal of a level playing field for all Americans and creating in its stead a Marxist world of permanent victimized classes entitled to special treatment. The far left has been the driver of reverse racism and sexism for the past half century. That is why it is no surprise that, with the emergence of a far left candidate for the highest office in the nation, Rev. Jeremiah Wright should also arise at his side and into the public eye preaching a vile racism and separatism most Americans thought long dead in this country. Nor is it any surprise that the MSM, many of whom are of the far left, should collectively yawn at Obama's twenty year association with Wright. Wright is anything but an anamoly. To the contrary, he is a progeny of the politics of the far left.

The far left did not merely hijack the civil rights movement, they also wrote over a century of American history, turning it on its head. . . . The far left managed to paint the conservative movement and the Republican Party as the prime repositories of racism and sexism. The far left has long held themselves out as the true party of equality. They have done so falsely as, by its very nature, identity politics cements inequality. Beyond that truism, the far left has for decades played the race and gender cards to counter any criticism of their policies, to forestall any reasoned debate and to demonize those who stand opposed to them. They continue to do so through this very day.

Read the entire post. It is no surpriste that we see today Obama excusing reverse racism. But that does not make it any less outrageous or unacceptable. It is a cancer that we cannot excuse, regardless whether Obama thinks that he can.

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