Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dr. North's One Man Crusade To Expose Corruption

The man above, appropriately attired in the Chairman Mao outfit, is Rajendra Pachauri. Whether you realize it or not, he is of immense importance to you. He is rich. He is immensely powerful. He has financial interests hidden under a hundred different rocks. And if he gets his way, he will be stealing money out of your pocket and significantly lessening your quality of life. Remember that as you read this post.


The UN's Intergorvenmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a body expressly dedicated to informing us about the reality of climate science in an honest and unbiased fashion. Don't laugh.

Please stop laughing, I am trying to make an important point . . .

My question is this . . . should the person who then is appointed Chairman of the IPCC be neutral, without any financial stake in the theory of anthropogenic global warming? That answer is clearly yes. If it were otherwise, it would be a massive conflict of interest the likes of which would be tortious were the IPCC a U.S. corporation. And were it a U.S. governmental organization, acting under such a pecuniary conflict would be a crime under 18 U.S.C § 208. As bad as Al Gore is - he has made over $100 million if not much, much more in the past decade shilling for global warming - at least he holds no official position by which he can directly effect how AGW science is portrayed and how it is pursued at the international level. But what if the Chairman of the UN's IPCC held every bit as much a stake in pushing AGW as Al Gore? Something would really stink in Denmark then. And that something would be Rajendra Pachauri, the UN's IPCC Chairman.

One would not know this from a casual look through the MSM. But some of the best investigative journalism on this issue is going on across the pond on a blog - EU Referendum. It is a blog which is, for my money, the most consistently intelligent blog on either side of the Atlantic. The proprietor, Dr. North, has spent the better part of the last few weeks digging through the public record to paint a picture of an IPCC Chairman with massive financial conflicts of interest - and indeed, a purveyor of hypocrisy on a Gorian scale. Dr. North has bitten into this story, and like a dog with a bone, is not letting go. It is getting some play in the newspapers and some play in the blogs - it deserves far, far more in terms of both publicity and in terms of rattling the cages of our elected representatives.

This from one of the earlier posts on this issue by Dr. North:

No one but the utterly na├»ve greenies believe that the Mann-made global warming hype is anything to do with climate – much less saving the planet. It is, as always, about power, influence - and money.

Out of literally thin air, the money-men have been able to conjure up a brand new product on which to increase their riches, the fabulous "carbon" which in less than a decade will – they hope – underpin an "industry" worth more than $2 trillion a year.

That alone justified the enormous effort which is being made to cement global warming as an issue in the public consciousness and, more importantly, in the legislative systems of the world. And it is the latter which is most important. Once the elimination of "carbon" is locked into enough legislative systems, it does not matter what people think – the revenue stream will be secure.

Bearing in mind that the issue is based on the central deception that the life-giving gas carbon dioxide is a "pollutant", behind the push to create this multi-trillion dollar industry is a vast nexus of influence, at or near the heart of which – it is emerging – is the chairman of the UN's IPCC, Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri.

Carefully cultivating the image of the concerned "scientist", he has on the back of the global warming hype not only been able to amass a considerable personal fortune (about which he is extraordinarily shy) but has also built a powerful global organisation under the brand-name "TERI", as the front for his lobbying and power-broking activities

That Pachauri heads the UN's IPCC while having a vast conflict of interest is pure corruption. And the bottom line is that until people like Pachauri are exposed and made to step down, if not locked down (which would be appropriate, since we are talking about theft that would make Bernie Madoff look like a mere pick pocket), then the science of AGW will always remain politicized and there is little chance of stopping this world record scam from reaching into our pockets.

Here, in order, are the posts (earliest to most recent in descending order) on this issue from EU Referendum. You should read them. Then you should be calling your elected representatives to ask why we are allowing such a massive conflict of interest at the UN IPCC and what they are going to do about it? You might want to cc Senator James Inhofe on this also. Unless you own massive amounts of stock in GE, Kleiner Perkins,or TERI, it is in the financial interests of you, your children, your grandchildren, and this nation to make those calls.

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I will update and bump this post as new information comes to light.


Ian R Thorpe said...

Great post and kudos to Richard North for taking on the Thought Police. But one man campaign?

We've been putting in our two penn'orth over at The Daily Stirrer as well.

Avril King said...

Hey Doctor Pachauri,
I'll tell you a story
Of climate and TERI and more;
We followed the money,
And isn't that funny -
It led us right up to your door!
I'm one of the "little" people - so sue me!