Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pelosi: Are You So "Arrogant . . . Ignorant . . . Incompetent?"

Republican doctors in the House are unleashed:

Eleven members of the Republican doctors railed against Democrats health reform plan this afternoon, demonstrating the increasingly heated and personal rhetoric surrounding the health reform bill.

Here’s the most vitriolic:

“I have three simple questions Ms Pelosi,” said Rep. [and family practice Dr.] Paul Broun, R-Ga. “Are you so arrogant that you think you know what’s best for the American people? Are you so ignorant that you are oblivious to the wishes of the American people? And are you so incompetent that you are going to ignore the Constitution of the United States, use tricks, deceptions, bald faced lies to try to ram down the throat of the American people something that they do not want and is going to be absolutely worse for their healthcare?”

My question - why haven't the right been taking this tack - and speaking with this level of passion - from the beginning. Give me one Paul Broun speech for every fifty monotone sound bites from Mitch McConnell (about whom I feel almost as much antipathy as I did for the odious Trent Lott.)

Indeed, I have long maintained that the right has suffered from not repeating its message with anywhere near enough repetition and not repeating it with utter, heartfelt passion. We finally see it from Broun, whilst the bell begins to toll 12. Now where are the rest?

And more on the canard of the "savings" reported in the CBO report from Hot Air:

This is why they’re delaying the start of the program, of course. If it kicked in right away, the decade-long estimate would obviously be well into the trillions. So they simply stalled it for four years, incurring just $17 billion in costs — or 1.8 percent of the total 10-year estimate — through 2013 so that wavering Democrats could go back to their districts and tell baldfaced lies to their constituents about the pricetag. A perfect ending to this travesty.

If Republicans where smart, they would take all the smoke and mirrors out of the health care bill - add in the Doc fix, then ask CBO to score that bill.

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