Saturday, January 14, 2012

UAW Thugs Appeal Extortion Conviction . . . And Get A Stiffer Sentence

Sometimes the scales of justice truly balance.

Two UAW officers, Danny Douglas and Jay Campbell, agreed in 1997 to end an 87 day strike at a Michigan GM plant - but only if GM agreed to hire Campbell's son and the son-in-law of another UAW official to high paying jobs for which they were unqualified. For this, Douglas and Campbell were tried and found guilty of extortion. The judge, who could have sentenced the pair to up to 30 years, instead gave them a gentle slap on the wrists of six months house arrest and two years probation.

Not satisfied with even this, Douglas and Campbell appealed their conviction.

The Sixth Circuit Court, applying the wisdom of Solomon, affirmed the conviction. The Circuit Court then remanded the case back to the trial judge because . . . the sentence was too light.

Douglas and Campbell are now headed to jail for 18 months, followed by a year and a day of probation.

Schadenfreude at its purest.

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