Sunday, September 23, 2012

Michelle Obama Plays Blacks Like A Cheap Violen

When progs play the race card, it is usually to mine white guilt and end debates they can't win on the merits - but not always. Sometimes the race card is solely meant for consumption by the black population itself. And that is how Michelle Obama played it the other day when she proclaimed that contesting voter i.d. laws is the "civil rights issue of our time."

Perhaps the most scurrilous aspect of the U.S. society today is how the vast majority of the black population is both screwed and manipulated by the far left - and in particular, by blacks in leadership on the far left. The myriad of deep and systemic problems facing blacks in the U.S. today do not arise out of white discrimination. A broken education system, disintegration of the black family unit, a black middle class being devastated in the Obama economy, massive unemployment and the lowest median net worth of any racial group in America are just a few of the problems facing blacks - and every last one of them can be laid, in whole or in large part, at the feet of the far left. That those problems should so plague the black community in America in the 21st century is unforgivable.

As a threshold matter, polls on the topic of voter i.d. laws show that the vast majority of Americans - 75% - support such laws. With such broad support, Michelle and the rest of the progs of the far left know that they are not going to be able to mine white-guilt on this issue. Theirs is a pitch being made directly to the black population in order to get them to turn out and vote in November for Obama. The message, repeated ad infinitum by the progs today, is:

Look at all those racist crackers out there trying to keep you from voting. Now don't worry about any of your other problems, and don't worry that the Obama economy has devastated blacks. Don't worry that Obama is willing to consign black children to a failing educational system in order to support the teachers' unions. The single most important thing you can do is come out and vote for those of us protecting you from this non-existant virulent racism.

Michelle and the progs are beyond shameless. Whoever said "you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" did not take into account our modern black population. They will turn out and they will vote about 9 to 1 in favor of a man who has done more damage to the black community as a whole than the KKK did in its entire history.

Now I will agree with Michelle Obama on one point. The most important right in our democracy is the right to vote. Inherent in and central to that right is the proposition that each legal vote will be fully counted.

As to physical act of voting, the claim that a requirement for a picture i.d. will be unduly burdensome is a canard of the highest order. Getting a picture i.d. - which you would need to have in order to board a plane, enter a federal courthouse, enter the DOJ, attend the Democratic National Convention, enter the White House to see Michelle Obama, or buy alcohol - is not an onerous or unreasonable impediment to voting. I don't know of one person the left can point to who, in a state that has enacted voter i.d. laws, was actually kept from casting a ballot if they had a right to do so. Indeed, the lead plaintiffs the left have raised in voter i.d. cases either seem to have committed voter fraud (Indiana) or were, in fact, able to easily secure a free picture i.d. (Pennsylvania).

Voter i.d. laws are directed at the second half of voting rights, insuring that each legitimate vote cast is fully counted. Vote fraud is insidious, because it dilutes the vote of all legitimate voters. It is real, and it has impacted on numerous elections, including national elections, perhaps most recently the Senate race of 2008 in Minnesota.

I am not sure whether the progs are trying to suborn voter fraud or merely trying to get out the black vote. I strongly suspect that it is both. But in any event, if the black population were rational, they'd tell their prog masters to pack it. Blacks should be the first people standing in line in support of voter i.d. laws. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died since our country's inception in order to ensure that blacks have the right to vote, and that their vote would be fully counted. Ensuring that should be the most jealously guarded of all rights for blacks. The 90% of blacks that are still toiling away on the Democrat's plantation really need to figure out that the tune Michelle Obama is playing on that cheap violen is not "Lead Me To The Promised Land," its a bit older than that.

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