Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The FEC, The Internet & The Constitution


So reads the headline at the Drudge Report today as people wring their hands over the FCC's unilateral move to take over the Internt.

Wake up. That is but a fly speck on the real issue.

The very first Section of the very first Article of the United States Constitution reads:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Yet, if the unelected members of the FCC decide today to take over the Internet, they can do so unilaterally, no vote of our elected legislators. They will be doing no more or less than the unelected members of the EPA did when they unilaterally opted to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. Actually, that was even worse because it came on the heels of Congress's refusal to pass just such a law.

We fought a Revolution over this.

As I wrote in a previous post on this issue, End Tyranny, Stop Regulation Without Representation:

. . . Today, Congress does not solely wield the legislative power of our nation. Indeed, Congress is very far from even being the most important source of our legislation. Our nation now most clearly resembles the socialist regulatory bureaucracy of the EU, where mountains of regulations with the full force and effect of law are passed by unelected bureacrats. In our nation today, individuals, businesses, and private and public organizations can be fined, sanctioned, forced to close, and jailed for violating federal regulations that have never been subject to a vote by our elected representatives, nor signed into law by the President. The genius of our Constitutional system of checks and balances is wholly obliterated in the tyranny of our modern the regulatory bureaucracy.

This is a grave issue under Obama, but it is also much bigger than just his wholesale abuse of the regulatory bureaucracy. The growth and dictatorial power of the regulatory bureaucracy is a systemic toxin overlaid upon our government by FDR, and its substantial growth now threatens to wholly undermine our form of government, taking our most important legislation completely outside the purview of our elected representatives.

This has reached crisis proportions under Obama and his administration, who have utterly run amok, passing mountains of regulations drastically effecting our nation, all of which have bypassed Congress. . . .

The FCC's proposal to take control of the Internet is just the latest in the gradual extra-Constitutional collectivization of our society compliments of the left and a compliant Court system that has utterly failed in its fundamental duties. The regulatory system must be brought to heel or our nation will be unrecognizable in another half a century.

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