Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climatgate - Update 3

While much of the left wing MSM and the AGW community are studiously ignoring Climategate, at least one group is not. That group is the academic institutions who have staked a good portion of their reputations on their association with climate science. Today we get two bits of news.

The first is from Britain, where East Anglia University officials seem to have stepped into this damning controversy with both feat. The University announced today that its Climate Research Unit will in fact make all of its data and programs publicly available at the earliest opportunity. That is huge. It marks a complete reversal in the way the CRU has been allowed to conduct its business for over a decade. One wonders who was read the riot act on that one.

The second major bit of news comes from Penn St. University where Michael Mann, he of hockey stick graph fame, is now being investigated by the University over the issues raised in the hacked CRU e-mails and data. One gets the sense that this latter may be simply pro forma, given that Penn St. previously gave a pass to Mann after the hockey stick controversy. None-the-less, the process has begun and may develop into a true investigation if, as widely believed by skeptics, the release of data shows conclusively widescale data manipulation.

Lastly, Mark Steyn takes to task a Wapo criticism of the blogging world as wholly dependent on dinosaur media for its story base. As Steyn notes, that's "laughably untrue" when it comes to Climategate. The blogging world has sunk into this one with the tenacity of a pit bull, while reading the MSM, one would have little to no idea that any controversy is even afoot.

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