Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Conscience Of An Excommunicated Heretical Leftie

There are two things the modern left cannot tolerate. In second place is dissent from their opponents. The modern left - i.e., the outgrowth of the 60's radical left - wholly jettisoned intellectual honesty and a desire for free and fair debate long, long ago. Any fact that does not support their side is ignored and every effort made to delegitimize the person speaking (Media Matters and the White House war on Fox is a classic example.) The modern left's playbook calls for shutting down debate as soon as possible.

The only thing the modern left hates more than dissent from their opponents is a heretic - one of their own who crosses the Democrat's plantation boundary and thinks for themselves. Yet that is what happened to independent film maker Eric Allen Bell, a man sufficiently far left that he was, at one time, a prolific diarist on Kos. Yet over the past year, while doing research on opposition to a new Mosque in Tennessee for what he intended to be his latest documentary - (more specifically, it was intended to be about racist Christian Islamaphobic yahoos). But Bell had an epiphany. He discovered that the vast majority of modern structural Islam - the mosques, the front organizations, the polemicists - they do not share his values. Indeed, it would be fair to say that he found that their values were wholly antithetical to his own.

As Bell began to sound the alarm in the left wing blogosphere, he ignited a firestorm of debate there.

Heh. Just joking.

His facts were ignored, he was labeled an Islamaphobe and quickly excommunicated from the left. You will find his fascinating story told in detail here. I'd like to highlight one point that he makes:

[O]ne thing Horowitz did say that came through with stunning clarity was an assertion that there was an unholy alliance between the Left and Islam, with radical Islam using the Liberal media to create a smoke screen for it – a place where radical can appear moderate and receive Liberal support. He also went on to say that in many universities across America that students were being radicalized, indoctrinated into the far Left. And I remembered something. Nearly all of the organizers for the college aged activist group who demonstrated in favor of the new mosque in Murfreesboro were either Socialists or Communists. These were kids and they all seemed to share one Professor in particular who was something of a mentor to them, a Socialist who always seemed to be hanging around their college parties, infiltrating into their social scene, taking the smarter and more articulate ones under his wing as their campus group called simply “Solidarity” grew in numbers – in fact recruiting quite a few students while organizing in favor of the mosque. Yikes.

There is a reason the socialist left is willing to make this tactical alliance with the Islamicists. The Muzzies help in pursuing what has been a, if not the, central goal of the socialists since their very inception, the destruction of Christianity and Judaism as the basis for our nation. And in that, Islam is the perfect momentary ally. The radical Muzzies make no secret of the fact that they seek to conquer Israel and to drive out Judaism and Christianity from all areas under their control. The left's faustian bargain with the radical Muzzies really is like the Hitler-Stalin pact, as the only thing the radical Muzzies hate more than the Jews or Christians are the godless - at least once the Muzzies have lost their use for them.


Ex-Dissident said...

Actually, I think that the Muslims are very clever in this alliance. The left's worship of atheism creates people who have no support structure during life's crises. Muslims step in to fill that void. The left is a perfect hunting ground for them.

Ted Leddy said...

I have seen similar conversions too.

I have known leftists who had a sudden realisation that the primary opponent of their values is in fact Islam. If you care primarily about workers rights, gender equality and Gay rights as the left claim then it stands to reason that the main focus of your hostility should be directed toward Muslim countries. All that is required to see this is an ability to think clearly and not be blinded by lazy minded anti establishment politics.

Robert J. Avrech said...

A few years ago I came out as a Hollywood Conservative when I wrote an article for the Jewish Press, a NY paper, titled: “Help, I'm a Hollywood Republican.” I detailed my upbringing as a typical liberal NY Jew and my journey away from that corrupted ideology.

My article went viral on the internet and two days later I was fired off two Hollywood movies I was writing. Understand, these were pay or play deals, thus I was paid enormous sums of money not to work. That's how much they hated this ideological heretic.