Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Over

The title of this post refers both to the election and, I fear, our great national experiment in capitalism and democracy. America can turn out the lights. Obama has won. I seriously doubt that our nation will come close to recovering in my lifetime. And just so everyone realizes, all the goodies Obama cooked into Obamacare, and the effects of his war on coal, our primary source for electricity, all those kick in after this election. Things are poised to get much, much worse for our nation.

I will say this - if there is ever any hope for our nation, it is decades past time for conservatives to take off the gloves and start a scorched earth policy with regards to the left. The time for rational discussion is over, the time for intellectually honest hellfire and brimstone is here. And the time to hold anyone who supports the left wing media is long overdue. Want to know who to boycot - take a look at who is advertising in the NYT or on MSNBC. We need to break the backs of these people.

Three years ago, I predicted that Gingrich would be one of the few who could unseat Obama. Romney killed himself in the last two debates. Benghazi will go down as a horrible failure for both Obama - and Romney.


Jeff Bird said...

Come out shootin' don't give up now

OBloodyHell said...

Warm Body voting is the death of Democracy throughout history.

It's how the sh** hits the fan, every time.

Ex-Dissident said...

NYC is fucked by lying incompetent government. It was the canary in the coal mine and now the rest of the country is fucked up beyond repair. There are still good people around but we're on our own. No country left. I think our soldiers should return and protect their families here. If you think the last 4 years was bad, there will be nothing to stop looters in the future. Not next 4 years, try next 40 or however long any of us have left.

Bookworm said...

An Irish conservative friend of mine thought that liberty was so bred in the American bone, Americans would not give it up. Sadly, he was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Evaluations like this are useless and self-defeating: the Left committed massive vote fraud---that's why we "lost." Let's stop beating ourselves up and figure out another way to skin this cat. America does not deserve to be taken over by a communist coup. Our only problem is that we are so naive--even the conservatives--that we're denying that the Communists are now in control of the Democrat party.

KG said...

"The time for rational discussion is over, the time for intellectually honest hellfire and brimstone is here."
Absolutely. Instead, the GOP will "reach across the aisle", "move towards the center" and all those other weasel words and excuses for failure to grow a spine.
The real domestic enemy of America isn't popular welfare-pandering traitors such as Obama, it's a divided and apathetic population which allows scumbags of his ilk to exploit resentment and envy.
And we have exactly the same situation here in Australia, so perhaps it's the new Western Disease?

OBloodyHell said...

Bookworm, he's right. Not everyone is an American any more. Many are now Europeans.

For the difference, try "Red State" and "Blue State". The Blue States are still Americans. The Red States are the Euros. The swing states are about 50/50, and they are often regionalized. Even Cali, for example, has a conservative core in the San Joachim Valley farming region. Florida, the fun part is to look at a blue/red map of how the counties broke. You'll find a line, roughly from Tampa to Daytona Beach, where it breaks off -- the only "red" county north of that probably (didn't look this year) is Alachua county, home of Gainesville, a college town where the University of Florida resides.

You could break the state in two and few on either side of the line would miss all those on the far side all that much.

suek said...

"Still, they weren’t cynics. Despite human nature’s failings, they believed men capable of virtue, as history, literature, observation, and introspection taught them. Not all men, and not all the time; but if “there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government,” Madison observed in Federalist 55, only “the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring each other.”'

Quoted from:

It would seem that what they feared has come to pass...