Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama's Scandals, Arrogance Unbound & The MSM

There have been countless potential scandals in the Obama government, but the supine mainstream media merely yawned. Yet now with team Obama safely ensconced in a second term, the mainstream media is actually taking some notice. Finally, Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP scandals are being deemed at least somewhat newsworthy, And one gets the distinct feel that the Obama administration did not expect this. Their response has been stonewalling and castigating. From Hillary's "what difference does it make" to Obama's rewrite of history while scolding us that the Benghazi talking points are a mere side show, they are treating us to a combined display of arrogance and shamelessness never before seen in my lifetime.

And of course, the far left is likewise in damage control mode. Donna Brazile brazenly refers to the IRS and AP scandals as lynch parties and the Benghazi investigation as itself the scandal. According to Albert Hunt, Bloomberg's Executive Editor Emeritus, these are mere "faux scandals" - "Republicans are trying to destroy President Barack Obama’s second term by magnifying bureaucratic miscues and distorting policy realities." Four dead Americans, an election where conservative voices were wrongfully silenced, and a bevy of people being treated differently by government would suggest otherwise, but Hunt is hardly the only one making such claims. Yet another left wing talking point is that some of the language in the actual Benghazi e-mails differs in form from what was reported in the stories run by Stephen Hayes and John Karl. The fact that the substance of the e-mails is unchanged is wholly ignored. The intellectual dishonesty of these people is stunning.

The Obama administration is accusing anyone who speaks of these scandals as "politicizing" them. It is rather a unique definition of "politicizing" they are pushing - to have the temerity to demand facts and seek truth that might in any way hurt the administration.

We are at an inflection point, I think. The left is bound and determined to brazen their way through these scandals. Whether the MSM will ultimately help them is unknown. If the left succeeds, it will be yet another nail in the coffin of our nation. But then again, we may finally have reached critical mass and the supine MSM will start doing their jobs. In at least one case Sunday, an old school journalist decided not to drink the Obama Kool-aide. Dumb and dumber indeed.

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