Friday, January 11, 2008

The Council Has Spoken

I thank the council for their support this week. The Council chose my post as the winner. The reason it won was not because of the brilliance of the post, but because of the importance of the subject matter. The post is Britain's Prosecution of The Blogger Lionheart for Criticism of Islam. It is about the growth of radical Islam in Britain and how the Labour government is using their police powers to enforce multiculturalism, in this case by the prospective arrest of a blogger for criticizing Islam on his site. Other very worthy posts receiving votes this week were:

Soccer Dad - Getting a "Clue"

Right Wing Nut House - The Cotton Candy Candidacy

Cheat Seeking Missiles - Honor Killings? What Honor Killings?

Joshuapundit - Major Andrew Olmsted, R.I.P

Bookworm Room - Death and the Moonbat

Rhymes With Right - Major Papers Oppose Justice For Murderers

The Glittering Eye - The Cop on the Beat

The Education Wonks - Dixville Notch This!

On the Non-Council side, there was no competition. The winning post was chosen nearly unanimously. It is the incredibly moving posthumous post of a former council member and U.S. Army soldier: Obsidian Wings - Andy Olmsted. Major Olmsted was one of the first soldier killed in Iraq in 2008. This was a collective salute to his service, his humanity, and his humour.

Other non-council posts this week that received votes were all very strong and make for an interesting read. They include:

Dr. Sanity - Orchestrated Circuses and Clowns - Sen. Obama's Calls for Unity Are Not What They Seem

Stop The ACLU - Iron My Shirt': Media Fooled By Radio Stunters at Hillary Stop

Rocky Mountain News - Seeking Support

A Western Heart - An Amusing Greenie Attack on the Inhofe Report

Oliver Kamm - Enlightened Selfish Interest

Flopping Aces - The Disturbing Barack Hussein Obama

ShrinkWrapped - On Hope: Audacity and Pandora

You can find the record of all the votes at the Watcher's Council.

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