Sunday, April 13, 2008

China's Al Durah Affair

Few countries have been more mistreated than Tibet has been by China since China invaded that country in 1950. The Tibetans are using the occasion of the upcoming Olympics to shine a spotlight on China's detestable actions. The communist Chinese government has pushed back with all the heaviness that a police state can muster and has tried to create a narrative that the Tibetans themselves are in the wrong. That case was helped when a "Tibetan" protestor in Paris attacked a torch-bearer in a wheel chair. Except, it appears now, the protestor was a communist Chinese agent:

This from an exceptional post by Sachi at Big Lizards:

The most iconic photograph from the riots attending the torch-bearing ceremony, the one that has every tongue wagging, is surely this one: A Tibetan supporter violently assaulting a wheelchair-bound woman carrying the torch through Paris.

This one picture came to symbolize the heartless violence of the Tibetan protesters, thus justifying, in many people's minds, the paramilitary troops that China sent to harass, beat, and brutalize the protesters in other countries -- from France and London to the United States to South America . . .

Note especially the bandana this vicious thug wears; it's clearly the Tibetan flag, . . .

Rather like the infamous Mohammed al-Durrah photograph, used by the Palestinians to turn the world against Israel by claiming they shot a young boy, this photograph began to turn the world against the victims of Red China's brutal occupation and subsequent attempt at slow genocide.

But wait; that's an odd comparison to make, isn't it? For the al-Durrah footage is now known to be a fake; careful investigation has shown that the Israelis could not possibly have shot the child from the positions they occupied. He had to have been shot by Palestinians -- if he were shot at all.

So the video footage is infamous mostly because it is a clumsy fake, one of the first instances of "Pallywood."

Surely that can't be case with this photo of the Tibetan protester and the lady in the wheelchair; after all, we see him clearly -- and the camera never lies.

. . . [Chinese bloggers in Japan] stumbled across some other photographs: pictures of the attacker, clearly that same Tibetan protester (still wearing his Tibetan-flag bandana), arriving earlier for the festivities -- and marching in the company of a number of Chinese carrying Chinese flags:

Is it possible that our "protester" friend is in fact -- a Chinese agent provacateur? That would require us to believe that the Chinese Communists could be so devious and duplicitous as to commit an atrocity, just to blame it on the Tibetan protesters and arouse retroactive justification for the crackdown by the Chinese paramilitaries we talked about in an earlier post. . . .

Read the entire post. There is much more.


Anonymous said...

Nice for linking this, I was wondering if anyone would pick it up. I read it this morning, and would just like to offer a correction: It was written by Sachi, Dafydd's wife (who is, I believe, Japanese).

GW said...

Thank you for the note. Correction made.