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Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 21 April 2008

The interesting posts from around the web, all below the fold:

Art: The Martyrdom of St. Maurice, El Greco, 1581

Stanley Kurtz is on the trail of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons. "[T]he texts already uncovered raise serious questions about what Barack Obama heard, what he thought of it, and why he remained so close to Reverend Wright." Confederate Yankee paraphrases another bigoted Obama supporter asking "Hey Cracker, who do you hate most?" From the Truth, in Oregon, a twist on the few weeks old story of the locals taking classes in "how to talk to black people."

Q&O asks a prescient question, do you want a third term of George Bush or a second term of Jimmy Carter?

Seraphic Secret blogs that Hamas is "all out for Obama." Stop the ACLU looks at how CNN is trying to spin the Hamas endorsement of Obama into a negative story about McCain. As Redstate notes, CNN is having a real problem with agenda journalism.

From Jammie Wearing Fools, the number of Palestinians who support attacks against Israelis continues to rise and more than half of them favor suicide bombings, according to a poll published this weekend. The Midnight Sun has a post on the utter barbarity of Taliban supporters. The Velevet Hammer has a video on "Islam, why they hate." At Dinah Lord, video of a woman’s rights activist in Bahrain criticizing clerics for issuing fatwas that support the sexual abuse of children. And Sheik Yer’mami has an exceptional post on London’s Mayoral election and the march towards a British mini-caliphate. The Fulham Reactionary believes that whomever wins the London election, the Brits will lose.

Villagers with Torches finds some disturbing news. China is in the process of vastly increasing its stockpile of nuclear warheads. From Barking Moonbat, a massive Chinese arms shipment headed for Zimbawbwe cannot offload in South Africa, so it heads towards Mozambique.

From MK, blogging on the death penalty, recent research shows that each execution carried out is correlated with about 74 fewer murders the following year.

Heh: From American Digest, see if you can spot the second person in this photo. I admit it took me awhile . . . .

At Five Feet of Fury, Ezra Levant discusses the incredible extra-judicial powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Omar Fadhil analyzes al Qaeda’s desperate attempts to regain ground in Iraq. They have turned from exhortation to threats and their actions are not likely to make any headway, though much blood is likely yet to be spilled. At 4RightWingWackos, an apache eye view of the last moments of some al Qaeda types. And from Consul at Arms, al Qaeda’s desperation translates into attempting to cause indiscriminate casualties on a grand scale.

A look at TIZA, the Islamic school, funded by Minnesota taxpayers, from Blonde Sagacity, reporting from the bitter hinterlands. While in London, the Saudi school acts as if it is not a part of Britain. From Political Insecurity, the local Saudi school is teaching their kids "we are pigs and monkeys."

From Ankle Biting Pundits, the intersection of greedy unions and populist politicians.

From This Ain’t Hell, attempts by a Wahhabi organization in America to have John McCain stop making the connection between Islam and terrorism – like his Democratic opponents have.

Debbie at Right Truth discusses Time’s desecration of an American icon – the raising of the flag after the incredibly brutal battle to take Iwo Jima.

From the Jawa Report, give a British CNN reporter enough rope, and apparently he will hang himself.

The frozen north, where men are men and the sheep are scared. (H/T Transterrestrial Musings)

A great weekend roundup of world news from milblogger The Shield of Achilles. And Soob has an equally good post, rolling up his own "suggested wisdom."

From KG at Crusader Rabbit a Goracle acolytes lament. "Anti-greens . . . appear to be more willing to comment, more structured, more able to quote peer reviewed research, more apparently rational and apparently wider read and better informed." At Red Alerts, survivalists are closely watching the world food crisis being created by green policies. And at Englishman’s Castle, pondering Britain’s own "environmental madness" and its effect on the local environment.

A short and poignant post on Patriot’s Day at the Irish Elk.

I completely concur with Discriminations in their post on affirmative action and how to combat discrimination.

TNOY has an exclusive on Keith Olbermann’s interview with former President Carter about his multiple meetings with "with some moderate Arab groups including the leadership of Hamas."

Scott Ott reports on his conversation with an Obama spokesman who told him that they viewed Hamas’s decision to endorse Obama as "tantamount to picking up a superdelegate vote. But with Hamas, Sen. Obama didn’t have to compromise his principles or positions, or make any commitments beyond what he has already promised."

The Deleware Curumdgeon observes that the phrase "do whatever you want" should not always be taken literally.

On Sunday, the NYT published a massive piece of pseudo-investigative journalism suggesting that the Pentagon was unduly influencing military analysts. Having spent two hours of my life dissecting it, I came to find others, including Max Boot and Bruce Kessler, had already done it more expertly. Powerline, for their part, says that it reminds them of the "illegal acts of genuine subversion committed by the Times in the course of the war.’ Dave in Boca has taken stock of the NYT's agenda journalism and there stock prices. He is taking enjoyment in watching the Sulzberger family jewels ever shrink.


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