Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Nominations Are Up

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning. The Watcher also has a process for anyone who would like to submit one of their posts for consideration as part of the weekly contest. You can find out more about that here. This week's nominations are:

Council Nominations:

1. The Colossus of Rhodey - What the Free World Would Do Well To Emulate
CoR ponder the fact that our modern left detest freedom of speech and, wherever possible, use laws criminalizing speech to silence dissent.

2. The Razor - My Mother-in-Law The Democrat
The Razor sees in his Mother in Law's unhappiness a metaphor for the Democratic Party.

3. Done With Mirrors - Just Once
DwM ponders why Father's Day is not used to celebrate, well, responsible fathers, rather than a story of a prodigal dad.

4. Hillbilly White Trash - The Cult of Global Warming
HWT adds his thoughts to a book on the cult of global warming and the incredible danger of public financing of directed scientific research by Mark Hendrickson.

5. Soccer Dad - Metaphorically Shooting
In a tongue in cheek post, Soccer Dad makes the point that Obama would be well advised to stay away from the gun metaphors.

6. Bookworm Room - Say It Loud, Say It Proud: I Am a Racist! *UPDATED*
BWR responds with dripping sarcasm to the suggestion that her stances against Obama are not based on reasonable principle, but rather on racism.

7. The Glittering Eye - The End of Guilt?
Will classical liberal democracy survive in an environment that no longer embraces a "guilt" culture?

8. Rhymes With Right - R. Kelly: I Believe He's a Platinum Predator
RwR thinks R Kelly just OJ'd the nation.

9. Cheat Seeking Missiles - Admitting Defeat in the Rhetoric War
Wow. I have been banging this drum for ages. I'll I can say, Laer is, amen.

10. Wolf Howling - Judicial Activism Run Amok
The Boumediene decision may well go do down as the most unfortunate piece of judicial activism by any Supreme Court to date.

11. Joshuapundit - A Rose By Any Other Name -- Tiptoeing Around Jihad
JP wades into the debate over semantics, Islamism, and the larger counter-ideology war that we should be fighting with some very sound analysis with which I could not agree more.

12. The Education Wonks - The New College Major: "Fat Studies"
The intersection of ever increasing obesity and an academia ever increasingly dominated by the "progressive" left.

Non-council links:

1. The Chronicle of Higher Education - French Theory's American Adventures

2. Big Lizards - McCain Energy Heads-Up: End Moratorium on Offshore Drilling (Details Tuesday)

3. Balloon Juice - Let's Get Something Straight

4. The Brussels Journal - Why Irish Voters Rejected the Lisbon Treaty

5. Miserable Donuts - After the Charge

6. Confederate Yankee - They Never Change

7. The Moderate Voice - The Future of Russo-American Relations (Guest Voice)

8. Lone Star Times - Obama and Taxes: An Unchanged Liberal Agenda

9. Hugh Hewitt - The Willful Blindness of Barack Obama

10. Brits At Their Best - Serlo the Mercer and Magna Carta

11. - The United States Supreme Court Versus America: Awarding "The Privilege of Habeas Corpus To Terrorists"

12. Right Wing Nut House - Who's To Blame For High Gas Prices? Look in the Mirror, America

13. Neo-Neocon - Supreme Court: Supreme Overreach

14. Pondering Penguin - Obama Finds Bitter Voter Man

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