Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wolf Howling 2.0

If you look to the right column on my blog and scroll down, you will see that I have spent my blogging hours today adding a bit of functionality to the blog. A few weeks ago, blogger upgraded the link list to allow links to show the last post and update time in blogrolls. It doesnt work for all blogs, but it does for most. It seems quite useful. There are enough very good blogs around that I only get a chance to visit most of them once a week. This will allow me and any visitors to quickly parouse what is out there. It does not seem to be appreciably adding to upload time, which is good. I like it. If you do or don't, feel free to comment.


Jay@Soob said...

Alright, fess up. How'd you do it?

Jay@Soob said...

Nevermind. I did a most unmanly thing and read some directions. Now I need to throw a horseshoe or drink a beer.

Callimachus said...

That's pretty cool.