Monday, February 7, 2011

Islamism, Socialism, Freedom & The War Of Ideas

Former Navy Cdr. and present day Islamic reformer, M. Zhudi Jasser, has written an essay on the Muslim Brotherhood, socialism Islamic style, and the American left's insane embrace of Islamists. His most important points:

. . . The transformation we are witnessing in Egypt may get us to finally develop a long enough attention span to develop a long term strategy on the ground to counter the ideologies of Islamism and its Islamic socialism. Read about political Islam, shariah and the goals of Islamist groups. Engage Muslims on Islamism. If the United States is truly dedicated to the Freedom Agenda our soldiers are risking their lives for in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is time to begin to vigorously promote genuine free markets, property rights, and the universal inalienable rights of individuals endowed by their Creator as the only antidote to Islamic socialism domestically and abroad.

If we continue to stay out of the debate raging within the House of Islam, Islamism and its inherent Islamic socialism will march across Muslim majority countries starting now with Egypt. It is time for America and all liberty-loving people to clearly take sides in this civil war of ideas within the Muslim consciousness. It is time for us to lift up reformist Muslims who separate mosque and state and believe in western democracy over the illusion of the Islamic state and its inherent Islamic socialism.

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Ex-Dissident said...

I am starting to lose faith in our system. The Islamists bring a nasty way of life to people, but they seem to have a clear idea of their objectives and how to go about achieving them. We seem to live in dreamland and delude ourselves about the nature of our enemies. Western civilization spends most of its energy waring with itself.

I believe this is from the Book of 5 rings:
He who doesn't know himself and doesn't know his enemy will always lose.