Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Independence Day Israel

Sixty-three years ago today, Israel was brought to fruition by the Zionist movement when David Ben-Gurion, acting on behalf of the Jewish Agency, declared Israel's independence. The following day, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq attacked the nascent, tiny country - its very existence a spike in the heart of Islamic triumphalism. It is amazing to me that Israel still stands today. It does so as the ancestral homeland of Judaism, as the only successful democracy in the Middle East, and as a bulwark against the craven, genocidal animals who embrace Wahhabi/Salafi and Khomeinist Islam. It does so despite the fact that Jews were stateless and persecuted throughout the world for virtually all of the prior two millennia.

And despite this history, Jews have not merely survived, they have thrived, much to the benefit of the world. Members of the Jewish faith have made contributions to bettering humanity on a scale vastly outweighing their numbers.

I would recommend that you visit Seraphic Secret to see his post on Israel's Independence Day. He relies on the Elder of Ziyon to celebrate this day by explaining Zionism in anecdotal form.

Happy Independence Day, Israel. May you be celebrating this day until the end of time.

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