Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama the Dragonslayer?

In the 1981 movie, the "Dragonslayer," a dragon terrorizes a kingdom. Three people take it upon themselves to kill the dragon and, in the end, they succeed. Yet as the dragon lays dead in the field, the King rides to the carcass, places his sword in the beast and then has himself proclaimed "Dragonslayer." Is Obama a real life "Dragonslayer?" If one very detailed, anonymous report is true, then that answer is yes. But the issue goes far beyond mere hypocrisy on a royal scale. It shows Obama as criminally indecisive as regards the decision to order the raid on bin Laden. Obama repeatedly refused to authorize the attack and, in the end, it only occurred because CIA Director Leon Panetta and General Petreaus didn't just force the issue, but actually planned and initiated the attack without the foreknowledge of Obama. In the end, they pulled him off of the golf course Sunday only after the mission was already underway. McQ at Q&O accurately opines on the ramifications of the report:

If this is true, it is a bombshell and will kill the luster on Obama’s new found Commander-in-Chief bona fides.

Read the entire, riveting report here If it is true, we all need to be holding our collective breaths over the next two years as Obama is even more incompetent and weak than we possibly feared. Here is hoping this gets thoroughly investigated and either proven or disproven.


Paul_In_Houston said...

On Webutante's site, Greg Cotharn comments...
And Obama is sitting in that photo in golf clothing (and I do not think he would have been on the golf course if he was involved with an operation which was prepping to breach Bin Laden's compound at 2:30 Eastern time).

Of course, with The Won, who can say?

Paul_In_Houston said...

I've loved "Dragonslayer" ever since it first came out (and, yes, I have the DVD).

The weakest parts of it are the two American leads. They aren't given any favors by being onscreen with Ralph Richardson and an absolutely amazing cast of Irish professionals, especially John Hallam as Tyrian, an adversary who is not a villiam, but a professional soldier just trying to do what he considers best for the land.

And, of course, the most amazing stop-motion dragon ever.

It even looks right; with a wingspread about that of a B-52, you honestly believe that thing could fly.

Nice little subtle detail where, when a thunderbolt rips a hole in one its wings, it pitches that wing at a steeper angle to keep lift in balance.

The movie is a nerd's paradise. :-)

A greatly under-appreciated marvel that deserved to do better than it did.

GW said...

Yes, but its not merely the fact that he is in golf clothing. Look where he is sitting, off to the side and away from the table. That adds another bit of probability that this tale is true. That said, I sincerely hope that it is not.

GW said...

And yeah, Dragonslyaer was a good flick, though I must admit, I will have to rewatch it for the details you describe. I never picked those up.

Ex-Dissident said...

Wow. Speechless.

OBloodyHell said...

> as Obama is even more incompetent and weak than we possibly feared.

Dude, I have been saying, since he got the Dem nomination, that he would make us all appreciate the mound of indecisive incompetence that was Jimmy Carter.

I stand by that claim.

You'll note that even Jimmy attempted to go after the Iranian Hostages. He just f'ed the whole thing up by micromanaging a military op when he should have said, "You. Make This Happen" to one of the many highly trained and competent professionals at hand.

The Big 0 (O No!) couldn't even manage to initiate something that assertive.

He will go down in history as The Worst PotUS Ever (to this point). I have no idea if there will be a Caligula to his Nero, but he will go down as Nero.

The downside to the American system of political leadership selection is that we really don't have any way to get rid of him NOW that's even vaguely moral or legal yet practical.

OBloodyHell said...

Having read the full article, and seen the reliability of the source as-presented, I'd take this with a MAJOR grain of salt at this point.

I see no reason to presume this is even vaguely reliable and not made up out of whole cloth. Seriously. There's no actual data here. It could be utterly fictional, about as reliable as any AGW peer-reviewed white paper.

Not saying I'd be surprised, or not even somewhat pleased/vindicated by finding out this is true, I just am careful at reviewing the reliability of sources.

I don't think this one has any real justification for faith in that regard. It certainly has an "I'm not surprised" quality, but that doesn't make it true.

GW said...

Agree - major grain of salt. But I would love to see it investigated.