Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Race Industry's DOJ Sponsored Lynching Of George Zimmerman

The Holder DOJ, at the urging of their partners in the racial grievance industry have reopened an investigation into whether George Zimmerman acted with racial animus when he shot Trayvon Martin. The partners want Zimmerman charged with violation of Martin's civil rights. The DOJ has ostentatiously set up a tip line for anyone to provide evidence of Zimmerman's racial animus.

Setting up a tip line in an investigation is nothing new. It is often done when police are trying to solve a crime. But this is justice turned on its head. This is a tip line set up after the FBI has already investigated and concluded definitively that there was no evidence Zimmerman acted with racial animus. Setting up a tip line at this point in an already concluded investigation is, to my knowledge, unprecedented. And this isn't the local police, this is the DOJ - an organization that is supposed to represent everyone in this country. This is not the investigation of a crime. It is a government approved attempted lynching of George Zimmerman as a sacrifice on the alter of racial politics.

The facts show that George Zimmerman was in fact the poster child for what race relations should be in America. First, just to note, Zimmerman himself is half Hispanic, part white, and part black - indeed, black enough to qualify as black before any college admissions board in the country. One could note that Zimmerman is less white, if you will, than President Obama, the man for whom Zimmerman, a Democrat, voted in the Presidential elections. The facts show that Zimmerman went out of his way to befriend and support people of every race in his neighborhood. For years he mentored local black children. And, in an act of what has turned out to be the purest irony, Zimmerman went on a one man crusade on behalf of a homeless black person who had been beaten by a white teen.

This country, white and black, should be seething with anger at what is happening in today's America. As Thomas Sowell opined at Townhall, this attempt to sacrifice Zimmerman on the alter of racial politics has been nothing short of a complete perversion of our legal system.

The outrage should be palpable. Whites should be outraged at the utter travesty the left is making of our politics and legal system, all for political gain. Blacks should in addition be outraged that the left and "black leaders" have a wholly unsupportable laser focus on Zimmerman case while studiously ignoring, for years and decades, all of the real problems of the black community. None of those problem have to do with white racism. Unfortunately, the reality seems to be otherwise, as I am hearing from very few, white or black, in positions of power in government or the media taking this head on. None of our Congress critters are calling Obama, his DOJ, Rev. Al, the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus to account. As Yeats wrote in The Second Coming, "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."

Two columns are related to my post and worthy of note. The first is by Dennis Praeger, writing at the American Spectator:

The greatest hope most Americans -- including Republicans -- had when Barack Obama was elected president was that the election of a black person as the country's president would reduce, if not come close to eliminating, the racial tensions that have plagued America for generations.

This has not happened. The election, and even the re-election, of a black man as president, in a country that is 87 percent non-black -- a first in human history -- has had no impact on what are called "racial tensions."

In case there was any doubt about this, the reactions to the George Zimmerman trial have made it clear. The talk about "open season" on blacks, about blacks like Trayvon Martin being victims of nothing more than racial profiling and about a racist criminal justice system, has permeated black life and the left-wing mainstream media.

I put quotation marks around the term "racial tensions" because the term is a falsehood.

This term is stated as if whites and blacks are equally responsible for these tensions, as if the mistrust is morally and factually equivalent.

But this is not at all the case.

"Racial tensions" is a lie perpetrated by the left. A superb example is when the New York Times described the 1991 black anti-Semitic riots in Crown Heights, Brooklyn as "racial tensions." . . .

Since neither black animosity nor the left's falsehood of "racial tensions" is based on the actual behavior of the vast majority of white Americans, nothing white America could do will affect either many blacks' perceptions or the leftist libel.

That is why hopes that the election of black president would reduce "racial tensions" were naive. Though a white person is far more likely to be murdered by a black person than vice versa, all it took was one tragic death of a black kid to reignite the hatred that many blacks and virtually all black leaders have toward white America.

Let's put this in perspective. Ben Jealous of the NAACP, Al Sharpton of MSNBC, Jesse Jackson, and the left-wing media compete to incite hatred of America generally and white America specifically. Over what? A tragic incident in which a Hispanic man (regularly labeled "white") said, with all physical evidence to support him, that fearing for his life, he killed a black 17-year-old (regularly labeled "a child").

The very fact that George Zimmerman -- who is as white as Barack Obama -- is labeled "white" bears testimony to the left-wing agenda of blaming white America and to the desire of many blacks to vent anger at whites. . . .

The second column of note is by Jennifer Rubin at WaPo:

Holder went to speak to the NAACP on Tuesday. It took him no time to denounce the “stand your ground” laws, the Florida version of which was not invoked in the Trayvon Martin case. But of course to denounce laws of self-defense, on which the case did turn, would be both inane and unhelpful in stirring the base. So grab an issue, associate it with a hot-button topic and demagogue to audiences prepared to cast doubt on the justice system that Holder is sworn to uphold.

But the intellectual dishonesty did not stop there. As his own Justice Department quietly tells reporters, there is no evidence of racism on which to base a civil rights case. Yet Holder bonds with his audience over another round of racial aggrievement and anger. He shares innocuous incidents (he was pulled over twice in his car and questioned while running to a movie) to involve race and establish his bona fides with those already incensed about the George Zimmerman acquittal. Does it matter the jury found ample doubt and no evidence of racism? Does it matter there was no evidence of racism unearthed by the FBI? Facts are irrelevant when you are stirring the pot of racial antagonism. . . .

If Holder were an MSNBC talking head or lefty pundit parroting the racial angle and averting his eyes from the facts, it would be nothing extraordinary. Intellectual dishonesty is the order of the day. But he is the attorney general of the United States, for goodness sakes. He has a higher obligation to the truth and to promoting respect for the courts. Instead, he chooses to bend and twist the facts to deliver an indictment of American justice and his fellow citizens that casts them as menacing, unfair and biased.

No wonder that Holder, the left and the racial grievance-mongers could not accept the proposition that the states previously under the watchful eye of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act have changed in 50 years. No, no, you see, the bias is there — it has to be. Just like Zimmerman has to be racist. They are convinced that the stain of racism never fades. The absence of evidence is not going to get in their way.

The need to perpetuate a false narrative to sustain the appearance of racism is as endemic on the left as it is reprehensible. And leading the charge, alas, is the attorney general.

Let me add in conclusion, it is not just enough to fulminate over this. This needs to end - and step one is to get our people in Congress to man up and take this issue head on - for the benefit of all America, and especially the black community.

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