Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Zimmerman Case: Of Idiots, Race Baiters, Animals & . . . A Few Who Get It

The Zimmerman case has brought out the full panapoly of the worst in our nation, along with a smattering of the intellectually honest.

The Idiots

Stevie Wonder - Mr. Wonder has vowed not to perform again in Florida until the state rescinds the Stand Your Ground law. Somebody tell this idiot that the Zimmerman case was purely a self defense case - the Stand Your Ground law was never raised in the Zimmerman trial.

The Race Baiters

Eric Holder - The most politicized - and race baiting - attorney general our nation has ever had, spoke today before the penultimate race baiters, the NAACP. What did he attack today to satisfy the NAACP lust for racial vengence? Stand Your Ground laws - while never mentioning what he well knows, that Stand Your Ground was never raised in the Zimmerman trial.

Like virtually everything that a race baiter touches, this is actually insidious in respect to the black community. Blacks do not merely commit crimes at the greatest rate in our nation, they are also much more likely to be the victims of that crime. Just what law abiding black victims need is to make it more difficult to legally defend themselves. As to Holder's assertions regarding stand your ground laws, I know of no data whatsoever that would support his claims.

Chicago's First Baptist Church, University Park -

Hillary Clinton - She gave a speech to a black sorority, painting Trayvon Martin as an innocent angel and a victim, There were no words of support for the jury verdict, nor for George Zimmerman, nor for the people or businesses suffering violence at the hands of animals in the wake of the jury verdict. Rather Clinton described the verdict as causing "heartache, deep painful heartache."

Charles Blow - At the NYT, Blow puts the all the blame for innocent Trayvon Martin's death on "the system," amazingly enough, even including the right to self defense.

Yahoo News - Yahoo begins their story: "In a case that bears some striking similarities to George Zimmerman's, a 76-year-old Milwaukee man is set to stand trial this week in the 2012 shooting death a 13-year-old boy he had accused of stealing from him." Striking similarities? Read about the case. That statement is insane. There is not a single similarity beyond the fact that a person with black skin is dead.

The Animals

Baltimore: A group of black teens chased down a Hispanic man in Baltimore then pistol whipped and beat him, shouting that "this is for Trayvon."

Mississippi - Three blacks pulled a white jogger into their car then pummelled him, shouting that "this is for Trayvon."

Los Angeles - Rioters (race not identified) damaged cars, assaulted people and swarmed a Wal Mart.

Pennsylvania - Someone painted "Kill Zimmerman" on the wall of a commercial business and then set it on fire.

A Few Who Get It

Jason Riley - WSJ: Race, Politics & The Zimmerman Trial

Richard Cohen - WP: Racism versus Reality Kudos to Cohen, a left wing journalist, for making a decent effort at intellectual honesty while literally bleeding onto the page in an effort not to overly offend his left wing readers.

Patrick Brenan - NRO: "There Is No Such Thing As Black On Black Crime?"

And One Who Doesn't

Yamiche Alcindor - USA Today: Experts: Prosecutors failed to humanize Trayvon. Mx. Alcindor opines that the reason Zimmerman wasn't convicted was because the state failed to humanize Trayvon Martin, arguing that they should have played more on the emotion of the jurors. She must not have watched the trial. The state's whole case was emotion, not fact. Further, if Trayvon had been portrayed realistically, it would only have been easier for the jury to decide that he was a troubled teen who made a fatal - and criminal - error in attacking Zimmerman.

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