Friday, July 3, 2009

Boondogles On The Taxpayer Dime

Gateway Pundit nails this one:

As [tax fraud and still Ways and Means Chairman, Dem. Rep.] Charlie Rangel demonstrates, spending all of your money and your children's money is exhausting work. Even Congress needs a little vay-cay every once in awhile.

Remember--- This is not a Shared Sacrifice Recession.

The Pelosi-Reid Congress is not only spending more of your money and giving themselves raises and bonuses they are also spending more on exotic excursions than ever before.

Do read the whole post. Gateway Pundit goes on to quote from a The Wall Street Journal article that documents that tax-payer funded junkets have risen by an amazing 50% - to over $13 million on overseas travel - now that the left controls our national check book. The fact finding trips to Iraq and Afghanistan are one thing. The fact finding trips to "Jamiaca, the Virgin Islands and Australia's Great Barrier Reef" are another entirely. Just more water in the swamp Pelosi told us she would drain in 2006.


MK said...

Just looking at that fat piece of shit make you want to throw up.

billm99uk said...

I really think Charlie is going to regret that picture some day...

Anonymous said...

Quote "I really think Charlie is going to regret that picture some day..."

That day needs to be very soon!