Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Anti-Obama

With Obama, we get supremely nuanced speeches and expiration dates on every one of his pronouncements. NJ Gov. Chris Christie Cristie could not be more the opposite in virtually all respects. I sincerely hope Christie succeeds in turning around NJ. If he does, there is no limit on how high he can go in elective politics. Below is his most recent youtube appearance, directed at a news reporter describing his tone as confrontational. Enjoy.


KG said...

We need thousands more like him. Urgently.

suek said...


I did.


And I agree with KG - we need thousands more like him. This is the appeal that Palin has also ... it's plain speaking.

It's just plain _refreshing_!

O Bloody said...

Video needs a new link. Can't possibly allow anyone to see it, since it's putting a republican into a good light.

MK said...

He's certainly not common and we could use more like him. But past experience tells me he'll still be pilloried and hated for saving the state until he is gone and some slimeball piece of crap will be voted in to create another mess.