Friday, May 7, 2010

Defending The Little Guy

Apparently, TSA employee Rolando Negrin, like JD above, is also not familiar with the El Toro Grande brand of prophylactic:

Perhaps the new airport body scanners are a bit too revealing.

A TSA worker in Miami was arrested for aggravated battery after police say he attacked a colleague who'd made fun of his small genitalia after he walked through one of the new high-tech security scanners during a recent training session.

Rolando Negrin, 44, was busted for assault after things got ugly at Miami International Airport between Negrin and some of his fellow Transportation Security Administration workers on Tuesday.

Sources say Negrin stepped into the machine during the training session and became embarrassed and angry when a supervisor started cracking jokes about his manhood, made visible by the new machine. . . .

Mr. Negrin obviously has his shortcomings. But the reality is that having the opposite problem can also lead to criminal charges of assault . . .

That said, I am sure Mr. Negrin would prefer the latter problem. But reality is what it is. And now for the ultimate irony. Because Mr. Negrin has been charged with a felony, he will no doubt be fired for failing to measure up to TSA's standards.

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