Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Or at least as happy as it can be when the future hangs in the balance and the good guys are losing.  Sorry to be so dour, but I think the problems of our country are systemic and incapable of correcting given the ascendancy of the left and an activist Supreme Court (here's hoping there is a special place in hell for John Roberts). Over the next four years, we will be circling the drain ever faster.

And even the heavens will be heralding signs and portents of danger and  ruin.  A comet is set to appear in 2013 that will actually shine brighter than the moon.  I am reminded of nothing so much as 793, when the Anglo-Saxons of England recorded seeing "fiery dragons" flying across the sky - a portent to the start of one of the greatest of plagues on that fair land, the Viking raids that lasted for centuries.  Let us hope that our own fiery dragon of 2013 does not spell challenges as dire to our own nation.  But at this point, I am not optimistic in the least.


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