Sunday, January 20, 2013

Assault Weapons & Homicide By The Numbers

According to the FBI Crime Statistics for 2011, there were 12, 664 homicides. Of those:

There were 6,220 homicides (49%)  by


There were 1,694 homicides (13%) by


There were 728 homicides (6%) by

Beating with hands and feat

There were 496 homicides (4%) by

Blunt object

There were 356 homicides (2.81%) by


And finally there were 323 homicides (2.55%) by


And that would be all rifles, of which

 "assault weapons" are a small subset 

So somebody explain to me again how "assault rifles" pose a unique threat to our safety and need to be banned?

For many of the left advocating a ban on "assault weapons," they are not looking at facts, they are riding on pure emotion from Sandy Hook and "scary images" of such weapons from the uber violent movies produced by Hollywood. For others, with clearer eyes amd more sinister motives, the "assault weapons" ban is simply an opportunity to chip away at the 2nd Amendment.

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Ex-Dissident said...


It's not about protecting kids or adult Americans from harm. For most politicians it's about posing and posturing. For some, it's something more sinister: they see us as enemies and themselves as lords over us. They want us plebs docile.