Friday, March 8, 2013

NYC & The Benefits Of A Unionized Public School Education

This from Breitbart:

According to officials from City University of New York, a full 80 percent of high school graduates in New York City can’t read when they graduate. . . . And that’s for the students who graduate. New York City has the lowest graduation rate for black and Hispanic male students in the nation, with only 37 percent graduating. But teachers start off making $45,530 with benefits, and max out at over $100,000.

It’s not just Bloomberg and New York. In the city of Los Angeles, according to The Education Trust-West, just one in every 20 black kindergarteners will graduate from a four-year California college. Overall, a whopping 40 percent of high school students entering public colleges across the country require at least one remedial class in reading, writing or math.

This is the legacy of a teachers union-driven system in our major cities. And it is minorities who pay the highest price.

As IBD pointed out in 2011, spending on public school education in the U.S. increased 375% between 1970 and 2010. For that investment, our nation received a massive increase in unionized teachers, but no increase whatsoever in student performance in math or reading, and a slight decline in student performance in science.

Public schools are failing our children, and in particular, minority children. This is a travesty, and teachers' unions are at the center of perpetuating this failed system. The left refuses to do anything to remedy this situation, irrespective of how much it is hurting their constituencies, because the teachers unions are close to, if not the largest contributor to the Democorat party. And equally maddening is the fact that the right does not use this as part of a full court press to win minority voters. Public schools that are failing minority students are, as many black luminaries have noted, the "civil rights issue of our time."

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Ex-Dissident said...

Do the parents of these failing minority students bear any responsibility? What of the students themselves? Yes, I agree that we have a whole lot of unqualified and indifferent teachers, but we have always had these turkeys. Yes, things might be better if the principals could remove them from schools. However, the problem is so much bigger then the teachers. It's our whole culture that's rotten and even the good teachers can't do much about a student who has no desire to learn. In fact, much of their energy goes to mitigating damage control of these disruptive saboteurs in the classrooms.

estetik said...

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