Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Two Edged Sword - Senate Democrats Craft A Budget

The good news - the Democrat controlled Senate is finally going to publish a budget. The bad news - the Democrat controlled Senate is finally going to publish a budget chock full of all the crap you would expect from the far left - tax more, spend more, and prevaricate about the deficit.

We haven't seen it yet, but Politico tells us that the expected budget will look like. The Senate Democrates would do away with the sequester spending limits, They would add an additional trillion dollars in new taxes based on an overhaul of the tax code, with the new revenue going to spending, not a reduction of the tax rates. And there will be a trillion dollars in spending reductions - mostly based on smoke and mirrors:

[C]ritics are certain to jump on what they believe are gimmicks in the Democratic budget plan. As part of the $975 billion in spending cuts, Democrats will count $240 billion in savings by reduced war spending from drawing down military personnel from overseas. And it counts $242 billion that would be saved in reduced interest payments under the proposal.

For the Democrats to put this out in a budget proposal, at this point, with our economy in trouble and our nation hurdling towards fiscal insolvency, is just criminal. It also highlights another systemic problem in government - our budgeting and accounting processes. Both are full of gimmicks and would land the purveyors in jail if they tried them in the private sector. This is yet another area that we must reform if our nation is to survive in the form envisioned by our founders.


Ex-Dissident said...

Lets just get to the endgame already and increase everyone's taxes to 100%.

Anonymous said...

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