Monday, October 21, 2013

Nothing More Racist (Or Regressive) Than A "Progressive"

Pat Condell hits the nail on the head in his discussion of those who style themselves "progressives," from their complete lack of intellectual honesty to their regressive politics to their racism of low expectations:

Pat's take misses on one point and only alludes to another worthy of more specific citation. Condell describes the world view of "progressives" correctly, even down to their view of the West as imperialists with the stain of original sin (while ignoring that the most imperialist force in world history has been Islam). It is worth noting that this view comes directly from Karl Marx and his theory that all history is a struggle between the oppressed and the oppressors. In the progressive world view, we are the oppressors while anyone who can be shoehorned into a victim group are the oppressed entitled to permanent special treatment.

What Condell misses in his analysis is the animus of progressives towards Christianity. To understand fully the motivation of progressives, one must note their abhorrence of Christianity. Christianity is the foundation of Western civilization; progressive are warring against it. Christianity must be removed from the public square for "progressives" to achieve their goal of remaking society with themselves as the sole arbiters of morality. Thus the "progressive" treatment of Islam is more nuanced than simply that "brown skinned" people are not to be held to the same standards. Muslims also seek to displace Christianity, and thus they are, in many ways, allied with progressives.


Ex-Dissident said...


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Roy Lofquist said...

The crux of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is that each of us is sovereign before The Lord. We are responsible for our own salvation.

The Church of St. Peter, of course, perverted this message by establishing a hierarchy where some were more equal than others. Papal infallibility, The Divine Right of Kings and priestly intermediaries - meet the new boss, same as the old one.

The United States is the first, and still the only, Christian country on this earth. We hold these truths to be self evident...

The sovereignty of the individual is repugnant, nay anathema, to the - I have to say it because it is the most apt - communist. Granting recognition to individuals instead of groups gives them hives.

Islam is 7th century tribalism in amber - pure communism (not the Groucho kind). It appeals to many. I waiver between befuddlement at their beliefs and the urge to classify them as varmints.

GW said...

Vinnie - heh.

Roy - spoken like a good Protestant. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Catholics so I can't be too hard on them, though I agree with the criticisms you raise, particularly on Papal Infallibility.