Saturday, April 25, 2015

Europe's Islamic Problem

One of the major problems that most European countries face today is a large and restive Muslim population within their individual borders that has not integrated. The great European experiment in multiculturalism has failed catastrophically, and this problem of an ever-growing and restive Muslim population in Europe is near intractable now, given the reality that Europe is at a stage where the problem is not simply immigrants who can be dealt with by repatriation if they are dangerously problematic, but second and third generation native born Muslims who are themselves failing to integrate into Western society.

Dr. Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist who works mostly with youths accused or convicted of crime in his native Denmark. That job has brought him into extensive contact with Muslim teens, a group that, along with older Muslims, commits violent crime at a rate many times greater than non-Muslim Danes. Dr. Sennels, in a very detailed and informative article, “Report from the therapy room: Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?” (provided to me by Ms. Bookworm Room), analyzes the causes of this violence, and finds the roots firmly in Islamic culture. It is of note that many of the patients Dr. Sennels dealt with are second and third generation native born Danes.

To sum up Dr. Sennels observations:

1. Muslim culture sees anger, aggression and even violence as appropriate responses to challenges or criticism.

2. Muslims are more likely to be insecure, and thus driven to anger, aggression and violence by anything they perceive as threatening their honor, including slights to their religion.

3. Muslim culture promotes a victim mentality as opposed to a sense of personal responsibility.

4. Muslims discriminate between Muslims and non-Muslims.

5. The extreme repression of women in Islam leads to a variety of dysfunctions, as well as a the very high incidence of homosexuality. Among the dysfunctions are bestiality, pedophilia, and rape ideations. This also fuels aggressive behavior in Muslim men.

6. While many believe that poverty is the primary cause of antisocial behavior among Muslims, the reality is the opposite. For Muslims in Denmark, it is antisocial behavior that leads to poverty. [To add my own note to that observation, most terrorists do not come from impoverished backgrounds, but from the middle class of Muslim society, something which the left regularly refuses to acknowledge. Doing so would mean making judgments about a non-western culture, and moreover, challenges the left's core belief that economics, and more particularly economic redistribution, is the penultimate answer to the world's problems.]

7. There is little emphasis in Islamic culture on knowledge and education outside of the Koran. This lack of respect for education severely limits opportunities in life for many Muslim immigrants in the West.

8. The prevalence of inbreeding among Muslims also has a significant impact on many aspects of immigrant lives, not the least of which is the inability to integrate because of a lack of education.

9. It is a canard to claim that criticism - whether under the rubric of "stigmatization," or, I will add, "Islamophobia" in the West - leads legitimately to feelings of victimization by Muslims and causes them to lash out.

10. In order for Muslims to integrate into Western society, they must want to integrate, they must be in an environment that allows for it, and they must have the capacity to integrate into a society whose values are very much at odds, in many ways, with Islamic teachings. Rarely, it seems, are those three conditions present, particularly in Europe where immigration has been so heavy, and the welfare state such, that Muslims tend to congregate in enclaves. Mr. Sennels then includes this nugget, which gives some sense of both the cause of and the degree to which lack of Muslim integration in European countries is predicated on a socialist welfare state:

First we have to ask ourselves: why should Muslim immigrants want to integrate? They can live their culture, receive enough money, and have a full functioning social life within their Muslim communities without even learning our language or even working. We have Muslim schools, Muslim parallel societies and even Muslim nursing homes. Muslim graveyards have existed for years, so even after death Muslim immigrants do not need to be close to non-Muslims.

After discussing in detail the facts summarized above -- and if you doubt his conclusions, I would urge you to read his article in its entirety -- Dr. Sennels gives his proposed solutions to the problems he has identified. They are sufficiently serious and worthy of consideration that I include them below in full:

Muslim immigration to the West is the greatest sociological and group psychological experiment in World History. The experiment is clearly going wrong, and statistics and facts show us that the problems are accelerating.

Any good scientist with common sense would in such a case start by putting the experiment to a complete halt: Stop Muslim immigration and cut citizenships to resident Muslim immigrants and refugees. Non-Western immigrants and refugees who have not yet attained Western citizenship should only be able to continue their life in our Western countries as long as they can support themselves and are not convicted of any violent crimes. There is nothing wrong with asking unpleasant guests to leave a party.

Our social workers and welfare system have to realize that we are dealing with people for whom cultural and religiously defined restrictions and consequences are the prime tools for regulating peoples’ behaviour.

In general we have to make it so practically difficult and economically unbeneficial not to integrate that immigrants who do not want to or are not able to integrate will find it more tempting to seek their happiness somewhere else. Denmark has an excellent law on repatriation – state sponsored emigration: Immigrants receive up to 15,000 Euros (20,000 USD) if they are willing to give up their citizenships or permanent residence permits and move home to their country of origin. They can also receive economic help for medicine in up to one year and support for buying equipment used for establishing a business in their home country.

Pedagogic strategies, police work, integration projects and social welfare checks are therefore wasted if we are not strictly consequential. Economic social help should be given to people who display social behaviour – it should not support anti-social lifestyles and be a leash so long that the destructive or unintegrated individuals only realize their unwelcome and islamonauseating behaviour when it is too late.

Another important Danish law that hopefully will inspire the rest of Europe is to limit the Child Support from the state to only include the first two children (the country’s average). In Denmark, this has meant that Danish families and well integrated immigrant families can still manage to have more than two children if they wish so — because they work, etc. Less successful immigrant parents will have to think twice, though, before they start or import big families – that by the way in most cases inherit the parents” lack of integration. Economic pressure should also consist of much better control of taxes and VAT in shops suspected or reported of cheating. It should not be possible to move to our countries and live from on Child Support or unpaid taxes to the government.

Muslim organisations and leaders should be able to prove that they are so-called moderate. This should include that they publicly renounce and disclaim any violent and racist passages in the Islamic scriptures, and acknowledge the freedom of women and speech, rule of secular laws, etc. Preaching the Quran as being the truth and stating Muhammed to be an excellent example of good behaviour is telling people to break the law. Islam has to adapt if it wants to be legal according to our constitutions.

Unfortunately we will also need to create laws that will affect the privacy of the general public: We need to install sufficient amount of surveillance equipment (cameras etc.) in areas with serious problems with crime and violent attitudes towards the authorities. Violent habitual offenders should wear a GPS device for a specific periods after being released, so that the police are able to track and follow the convicts.

It goes without saying that we of course should fight the spread of sharia, cancel all present and future attempts of islamization, reassert our own cultural values and do what is necessary to reinstall and secure peace and the rule of secular law in the Muslim ghettos – effectively.

Finally, we need to free the Muslim women. The freedom of the women is our best tool against any kind of aggressive or backward religious tendencies. Female social workers should have regular meetings with the women from immigrant groups that are known for suppression of women (primarily the Muslim groups of immigrants). In this way we have a chance of making sure that the women are safe, free and know their rights to repatriation, to move to a women’s shelter, to contraception, etc. If their men do not like this kind of interference, they are free to leave the country: We will not accept that a medieval view of women takes root in our societies, and we will fight traditional Islam by freeing the Muslim women.

If we do this, we should have a fair chance to integrate the remaining Muslims, minimize their pressure on our democracy, protect the feeling of safety and social coherence in our societies, and keep our welfare systems to a satisfying degree.

Besides actively fighting organisations and regimes that threaten our existence or way of living, our foreign policy must aim at diminishing the population growth in the poor countries. Overpopulation is a cause for conflicts about space, food, pure drinking water, pastures, areas for cultivation, and other important resources. It is also a strain on the environment and climate. It is impossible to create the necessary infrastructure, educational system and a sufficient amount of jobs in overpopulated countries — which of course leads to poverty.

Our development aid to the third world should not be given to their often corrupt governments. Instead it should be given directly to the citizens following the same model as the Nobel Prize winning micro credits: E.g. One dollar per day if one has no or one child, half a dollar per day if one has two children and no money if one starts a big family. In this way the parents do not need to give birth to a lot of children hoping that at least one of them will be so successful that he or she can support the parents when they get too old to work. The parents will then be economically capable to give their children proper education and nourishment (malnutrition harms the development of the brain) which can create the educated middle class that is the motor in all successful societies.

Hungry, poor and uneducated people are usually bad democrats and easily become tempted by the cornucopia of simple explanations and promises offered by political Islam. Putting a lid on the population explosion and thereby focusing on long term solutions for limiting poverty and raising the educational level are necessary tools in fighting the growing religious fanaticism in the Third World. This again will lessen the amount of internal and international violent conflicts in those areas, thereby minimizing the flow of refugees and immigrants to the West.

The many threats and dangers resulting from illegal immigration, including crime, terror, negative economic consequences, social unrest and a general decrease in social coherence, makes it imperative that states and supranational institutions such as the EU and UN secure our national borders and the borders of Europe effectively.

Thankfully, America, with its relatively small population of Muslims and much better track record of integration, is not experiencing the degree pf problems of Europe. But if something radical is not done in Europe to address this problem posed by a lack of integration, it is hard to see how this issue will be resolved in the long term by anything other than bloodshed.


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Don't worry, Ed Miliband is going to solve it... by making Islamophobia a crime in the UK:

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Hi Bill. Yes, I saw that. I wonder how that will play outside the Muslim enclaves in the UK.

billm99uk said...

Well, Miliband's ability to pander to the Muslim vote is slightly limited for, err, other reasons...