Monday, December 10, 2007

Interesting News From Around the Web

The Goracle is at it again. On Monday, he used the occasion of his 2007 Nobel Peace Prize lecture "to tell the world in powerful, stark language" that "Man-Bear-Pig is" – no, wait one, strike that -- he said that "Climate change is a real, rising, imminent and universal" threat to the future of the earth.

Not only did he win the Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, the Goracle tops the list of the "Greenest Hypocrites" of 2007. And Marc Sheppard at American Thinker ponders just how green was the Bali Conference.

Students are protesting at Iran’s colleges as Ahmedinejad tightens the screws.

I am sure that someone else has already made this observation in print, but it bears repeating, people do not kill crazed gunmen, people with guns do.

Michael Vick gets hammered with a 23 month sentence for his role in a dogfighting ring. The judge went beyond the sentence of 12 to 18 months recommended by prosecutors because he believed that Vick had been misleading in his statements to the FBI.

At an international conference in Scotland organized by the IAEA, security experts are warning of the threat of "dirty bombs" and urging tighter control on nuclear materials. Perhaps someone could put them in touch Vann Van Diepen.

Ralph Peters looks at the work our Rehab Centers are doing for our wounded veterans. It’s a good read.

Scientists use genetic manipulation to create bisexual fruit flys, leading to the supposition that homosexuality has a genetic basis but is not hard wired.

The Supreme Court ponders whether the Constitution of the United States afford any due process for alien jihadists even as they conduct a terror war against Americans.

John McLaughlin, former deputy director of the CIA, states that the next administration and Congress need to give serious thought to stopping the flow of intelligence leaks.

Our MSM believes in balanced reporting when it comes to Iraq. As Gateway Pundit discusses, any good news must be balanced by bad news, even if it is uncorroborated.

Islamists carry out two suicide attacks in Pakistan, both horrific. One was on a busload of school children all below the age of twelve. The other was at a nuclear weapons site.

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