Saturday, December 22, 2007

Interesting News From Around The Web - 12/22/2007

Secretary of Defense Gates says that Pakistan is now al Qaeda’s primary target. And now a suicide attack inside a crowded Mosque in a settled area of Pakistan.

When the NYT runs positive front page articles on a particular Republican presidential candidate, why do I feel like there is an ulterior motive?

More on the destroyed CIA Tapes, this time from the 9-11 Commission staff.

Is China’s military operating outside of Politburo control?

Is global warming a cover for countries to try and gain economically at our expense?

The WSJ takes note of the incredible sophistry of Ms. Clinton’s far left foreign policy statements.

Reversing a trend that began with the Jacobites some 200 years ago, Sarkozy, a Catholic, is urging a greater role for religion in France’s public life.

Soccer Dad looks at Iranian influence on this side of the pond which, in reality, has been with us and growing for many years: "Allowing Iranian influence to grow in the Western hemisphere presents a threat to the United States. Will the government act to forestall this threat or allow it to grow unchecked?" If the latest NIE is any indication, we will not be forestalling that threat anywhere in the world.

I do not understand Israel’s restraint in failing to respond with overwhelming force when they are regularly attacked from the Gaza Strip. The latest is six qassam rockets that landed in an Israeli school yard. Joshuapundit has the story.

A Porkbusters letter to the President pleading for an end to earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill.

The insane energy bill that skews agricultural production and puts us on the edge of incredible inflation in the price of food.

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse throws his political endorsement behind Fred Thompson.

The question of universal healthcare has several facets, but the gate keeper is can such a system be made to work without degrading the quality of care. The Glittering Eye has an interesting post on this from the perspective of a Canadian doctor.

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