Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dean Throws A Boomerang Race Card - Politico Sees Only Half Of It

Go to 2:54 in the clip, when Howard Dean accuses Fox News of being "absolutely racist," then has to backtrack as Chris Wallace points out an absolute defense - that Fox News Channel never even mentioned Shirly Sherrod's name before she was fired by the Dept. of Agriculture and denounced by the NAACP.

I would say that is pretty embarrassing for Howard Dean. But you would not get that impression from reading about the above exchange in The Politico which plays up Dean's charges and his inane backtracking.

All of this should be viewed in the context of the sudden decline in power of the race card and the left's utter terror that their entire power base will crumble when the race card is fully overdrawn. Please see my post on this issue here. What we are seeing are the first tremors in what will eventually be a seismic shift in American politics.

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Anonymous said...

It should be embarassing but if your goal is to rally your people and it works what's to be embarassed about? Every person with a pulse and more then two brain cells KNOWS the dems are using race to win an election. They have done it in the past, arguably in every election. But this time they did it so blatantly that everyone could see it. We all saw the black caucus march through the Tea Party demonstrators trying vainly to stir up trouble; but against all odds no one said anything racist to them. So we all saw on our own TV's a black congressman lie and "create" a racial incident where there was none. Does ANYONE really believe these separate events and numerous charges are NOT connected??? This may or may not win them some elections but at what price? A)The naive and openminded among us saw what the Democrats are really about and it wasn't pretty. B)The Dems may incite some nasty racial violence and will be responsible for creating years of problems between the races. This could turn nasty...