Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Really Misleading Journalism

The NYT's Brian Stetler has crafted perhaps the most misleading piece of agenda journalism I have seen in years - which is saying quite a lot. This left wing nut job should get an award for use of innuendo and half truths while throwing out the race card at Fox News. His piece, "When Race Is the Issue, Misleading Coverage Sets Off an Uproar." The picture appearing below this headline:

What an utter ass. Megayn Kelly at Fox, whose sin for the left is her refusal to ignore and allow to fade away the accusations that the Dept. of Justice is using race to decide which laws it will enforce, is actually only a small part Stelter's charge that Fox is a racist network. How her coverage has been misleading, Stelter never really tells us. That said, Stetler's main effort is to tie Fox News into the Shirley Sherrod affair, utterly refusing to acknowledge that Fox News Network never once mentioned Sherrod prior to her being slimed by the NAACP and fired by the Dept. of Agriculture. At any rate, I could spend hours fisking this one - but I just don't have the time to climb down into the gutter at the moment. You read it and you decide.

As an aside, Powerline has noted that the NYT has finally run a limited correction to its frequent sliming of the Tea Party organizations for the objectively false claim that some of its members yelled racial epitaths at members of the Congressional Black Caucus in March during the hearings on Obamacare. Someone needs to tell that to Stelter.

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