Friday, July 23, 2010

Proof Of God

The prayers of men are answered. (H/T Instapundit)


William Stout said...

The lady has a very Lovely eyes as well.

OBloodyHell said...

Assuming that's unaltered, it's proof that Nadia Suleiman's variety of insanity is not lonely, nor is the quality of two-bit shysterism among plastic surgeons. Io install anything like that is beyond excuse.


As long as we're being "sexist pigs" :oP ....

(Warning note: I recommend an active spam blocker for accessing any of the below, as well as a good AV -- especially if you're foolishly still using IE) I've never had problems sites like the below (some of which are nothing but "link farms", just so you know) but I have both in play at all times


This is, I believe, beyond adequate, and equally critically, they're both real and spectacular:

Ala Pastel (Warning: female nudity -- NSFW!)

Ala's apparent size, by the way, is partly a result of her being quite small -- she's something like 5'1" tall.


"Smaller" only by comparison but also quite impressive is Zuzanna Drabinova, aka Raylene Richards. Same Nudity/NSFW warning applies. She's a much more statuesque 5'9ish. I like her better because she's got a lot less "sag", but neither are lacking in appeal.

Those are all free samples. That site has a lot of links to free sets of other girls, too, but poking around in general is where you run into the link farms... As I say -- you'll want a good spam blocker and AV just to catch any spyware/tracking cookies and the like. With that, you're safe as long as you are smart enough to not say "yes" when anyone asks to install something. Sorta Duh, but some people don't Get that one.

GW said...

She does have the prettiest blue eyes . . .

And thank you for the link, OBH, to the additional breats. The more the merrier.