Friday, February 19, 2010

An Attempted Mass Murder In Austin Confuses WaPo Columnist About Tea Parties & Obama

Yesterday, 72 yr. old Joe Stack flew a single engine airplane into an IRS building in , killing himself and another individual and wounding a score of others. He left a suicide note on-line (see here) that emphasized his hatred of capitalism, George Bush, the IRS, organized religion generally and Catholicism in particular, in addition to giving a short paean to communism. Much like Bill Ayers long ago, Stack concluded in his note that violence was the only answer and he hoped that his act of attempted mass murder would ignite the rest of the "zombies" in America. Yet the first thing scurrilous partisan hacks in the MSM did was attempt to tie this individual to the Tea Party movement.

This from Jonathan Capehart writing in the Washington Post:

Joseph Stack was angry at the Internal Revenue Service, and he took his rage out on it by slamming his single-engine plane into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas. We now know this thanks to the rather clear (as rants go) suicide note Stack left behind. There's no information yet on whether he was involved in any anti-government groups or whether he was a lone wolf. But after reading his 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we're hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.

Where does that come from - besides from the quill of a partisan wholly lacking in integrity and masquerading as a journalist. There is not a single thing to tie Joe Stack to the Tea Party movement, and indeed, the suicide note of Stack - from hatred of Catholicism and organized religion to a high five to communism to a call for violent revolution - all are earmarks of left wing nut-jobs. All of those things are at complete odds with the Tea Party movement. So how does this slimeball Capehart justify his linkage - by quoting only those parts of Stack's suicide note that support his narrative and ignoring all that puts in context that this joker was as far from being in sync with the Tea Party movement as The Weather Underground. You can read it here.
The comments to Capeheart's article were pretty nearly unanimous in their denunciation of this partisan hackery. Today, Capehart attempted to justify his article:

When I wrote my last post on Joseph Stack, I was very careful not get ahead of what was already known, . . .

Except that . . . there was absolutely nothing to tie Stack to the Tea Party movement. So it would seem he got a bit ahead. Capehart is not off to a good start.

. . . and I was careful not to associate the entire Tea Party movement with his actions.

Right . . . he just left out all the parts of Stack's suicide note that contravened his narrative, thus allowing this horse's ass of a partisan hack to link it to some nebulous "fringe element" of the Tea Party movement that exists only in the fevered imagination of the far left. And of course, by only sliming a portion of the Tea Party movement, he had no intent of bringing the entire Tea Party movment into disrepute. Not at all . . .

Pity some didn't read the piece as carefully as I wrote it.

There you go. We to the right are simply too dumb to divine the nuances of sophisticated left wing partisan hackery. One of the hallmarks of the left is an arrogant belief in their own superior intelligence relative to we, the unwashed masses. This would seem to be a classic example. I daresay, however, that if this is the kind of journalism which Capehart displayed in whatever college he attended, it is amazing that he ever graduated.

The excerpts I chose from Stack's suicide note/manifesto illustrate [how Stack's "alienation is similar to that we're hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement"].

The excerpts he chose were as cherry picked as the Yamal Tree Ring data. They were designed to support a narrative, not to mark reality. And again, who and what are the "extreme elements" of the Tea Party? There will be a nut or two anywhere, but in terms of an "element," that suggests an identifiable and entire class of individuals. Capehart still has yet to link to or show that any such entity exists - and I am not aware of one.

And I'm not the only one to make the connection between Stack's alienation from government and the anti-government extremists who have latched on to the broader Tea Party movement.

What utter bull. The link he provides is to a Fox News story that has nothing to do with Tea Party protests. It is about violent and extreme groups who contest the right of the IRS to collect any taxes. The Tea Party crowd are protesting against high taxes - that is a world apart from planning violence against the IRS because you don't want - or don't believe that you constitutionally have to - pay any taxes. That is like saying that edible mushrooms and mushrooms that will kill you in a few minutes are the same because they are both mushrooms. It is ludicrous.

Stack didn't like much of anything or anyone. He railed against President George W. Bush, Wall Street, insurance companies and capitalism, to name a few. That he ends his suicide note with an apparent nod to communism doesn't disprove the larger point. Stack was raging against a system he thought was unfair and contributed to his economic insecurity.

Hah. You can substitute "Obama" for "Stack" in the above paragraph and be pretty much dead on point. And thus we have it, a seriously confused WaPo columnist who knows nothing about the Tea Party movement, yet who is projecting the sins of the left onto them. What a horse's ass. If like I, you happen to think this joker should be among the ranks of the unemployed, feel free to let WaPo's managing editor know.

Actually, looking back through Capehart's prior work, I see now that he was sliming the Tea Party movement just before this latest event happened. Read here. He is able to find among the progenitors of the Tea Party movement such people and groups as Tim McVeigh, Randy Weaver, and Branch Davidian, Funny though, looking back through his work, I see nothing on Amy Bishop - the mass murdering Harvard grad and strong Obama supporter, nor any other mention of left wing radicals. What an intellectually dishonest hack. And WaPo wonders why its readership is dropping?


OBloodyHell said...

> I daresay, however, that if this is the kind of journalism which Capehart displayed in whatever college he attended, it is amazing that he ever graduated.

Not in the least....

It's exactly the kind of incompetent reasoning/reporting/observation he learned in J-school.

> He railed against President George W. Bush, Wall Street, insurance companies and capitalism, to name a few

Uhhhhhh.... what part of "tea party" does THAT sound like?

"Tea partiers" seem to rail against Obama, and be pro-free market (which suggests a measure of support for Wall Street, insurance companies, and capitalism, "to name a few")

OBloodyHell said...

Anyone else besides me think that someone on "the right" would also have been smart enough to load up the plane with some ANFO before flying it into the building?

That the death toll, had anyone with brains been involved, been a good bit higher than said idiot and a single victim?

I mean, if you're gonna sacrifice your life to attack the IRS, at least take out something more than a single little old lady...!

KG said...

Great post GW! I've put up a link to it.
The Tea Partiers really have the leftoids running scared. :)

Z said...

this is a terrific piece and I came from MK's blog....
You are so right.
I often say that the left doesn't care at ALL what the truth is, they just say things like this and know most Americans will hear it, equate this killer with Tea Partiers, and form their ill advised and wrong-headed opinion that all Tea partiers are would-be killers...
If we had a more honest media, America'd be in much better shape.

GW said...

OBH - hah.

KG - Thanks

Z - Concur

Ron Russell said...

The left would love to tie Stack to the right and to the Tea Party Movement. I'm old enough to remember the JFK assassignation and saw the first reports coming out of Dallas that fateful day and all three major networks(only three in those days) were quick to point out that Dallas had been a "hot bed" of right wing activity recently. However, when Lee Harvey Oswald was caught and his connections to mother Russia and communism revealed the silence on that was deafening. I knew from the moment of impact the right would be blamed unless the pilot had a long beard and five copies of the Koran stuffed in his pants. Just the way it is and has been in this country for better than 50 years.