Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In The Absence Of Pictures, Multiple Choice Question

Obama told us today that he will not authorize the release of any of the death photos of bin Laden, including, apparently, even those taken of his burial at sea. With that in mind, let's play multiple choice. Which of the following statements are false:

A. Having authorized a ground raid against Osama bin Laden in order to insure that we had evidence that he was killed, it makes no sense whatsoever to now hide thst evidence.

B. By witholding pictures of bin Laden's death because it might inflame some Muslims, the Obama administration is prioritizing concern for Muslims, and in particular radical Muslims, over concern for what is best for Americans generally.

C. Those Muslims who would be inflamed by pictures of bin Laden's death are the same Muslims who are already inflamed and ready to do violence because of the Crusades, the Reconquista, Napoleon's forays into Egypt, and a million other reasons, of which the fact that we killed bin Laden is simply one more.

D. A gruesome photo of Osama bin Linden in the ultimate position of weakness, having had the will of America imposed upon him, is how we want everyone, including the Muslim world, to remember him when they ponder whether to follow his example.

E. None of the above.

If you answered "E," congratulations, you are more intelligent than our moralizer in chief.

I would only add that I am so tired of Obama positing that those who disagree with him are operating from illegitimate, base motives. He did so today when he said that anyone who wanted the photos of bin Laden published did so out of a desire to "spike the ball in the endzone." Not only is Obama's judgment fatally flawed, the man is an intellectually dishonest ass.


OBloodyHell said...

> Not only is Obama's judgment fatally flawed, the man is an intellectually dishonest ass.

Wasn't this rather obvious about 3-4 months after he was inaugurated, if not sooner?


GW said...

Actually, 2006 was when his penchant for disingenuousness came up on my net. As I recall, it was when he renigged on his promise to cooperate with McCain on something or other.