Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Warmie With Real Comedic Talent

People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful.

John Mitchell, Principle Research Scientist, MET

So in other words, what are you going to believe when it comes to determining whether global warming is occuring and, if so, to what degree and what is driving it? Are you going to believe the measurable evidence? Or are you going to believe the computer models that the warmies have been using to forecast doom and gloom for decades - and all of which have been proven ever more divorced from reality? If this wasn't costing the entire western world billions of dollars, it would be hilarious. Actually, it is hilarious any way. Now where did I put the tar and feathers . . .

To read the whole story of John Mitchell's stand up comedy routine, visit Watts Up With That.


MK said...

"Observational evidence is not very useful."

Yeah, seeing as how many of us are observing colder and earlier winters, observational evidence becomes most pesky to those peddling warming and burning on earth.

Paul_In_Houston said...

Observational evidence is not very useful."

Because it doesn't jibe with what has to be true; HAS TO BE!!!!

I think this pretty well defines a religion.

Yes! I've covered this, many times in some of my own posts. If you're curious, come over and visit; I'm lonesome. :(

dave in boca said...

Richard Feynman gave the most succinct summary of the whack job intellectual dishonesty behind John Mitchell's generic horde with his famous commencement address to CalTech grads in 1974 with a brilliant disquisition on Cargo Cult Science.

Originally targeting psychology and the contemporaneously newly-nascent "social sciences," Cargo Cult Science perfectly describes the religious aura invested by tweaking certain "facts" and omitting others to achieve desired outcomes, in this case, a world authority taxing carbon dioxide emissions---one of the safest and ubiquitous chemical ingredients in the earth's atmostphere.

World domination by faceless bureaucrats is the Ultima Thule of these special pleaders with PhD's.

Feynman, now almost forgotten, was the conscience of "Big Science" who predicted one catastrophic mishap per every fifty launches of the Space Shuttle back in the early '80's. Special pleaders at NASA claimed "one-in-a-million" launches would fail.

So far in less than 130 launches, 2 have resulted in catastrophic results killing all aboard. NASA was the mare's nest where the loathsome Goebbels of Global Warming hatched his quest for world domination by Orwellian BS around the same time-frame. Some creep named Olson, if memory serves.