Monday, April 2, 2012

The Future Of The Internet

The internet is a staple of modern life. Yet its future direction is very much at issue. Michael J. Gross has written a detailed and enlightening article, World War 3.0, on the issue at Vanity Fair.

When the Internet was created, decades ago, one thing was inevitable: the war today over how (or whether) to control it, and who should have that power. Battle lines have been drawn between repressive regimes and Western democracies, corporations and customers, hackers and law enforcement. Looking toward a year-end negotiation in Dubai, where 193 nations will gather to revise a U.N. treaty concerning the Internet, Michael Joseph Gross lays out the stakes in a conflict that could split the virtual world as we know it.

Do read the entire article. This is one of those situations where everybody should be paying attention, though I suspect that for most people, it is slipping completely under the radar.

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