Thursday, April 19, 2012


(Photoshop from the Daily Caller)

It turns out that Obama is not just a dog owner, he's a rancher.

For weeks now, the left has regaled us with stories of how the Romneys, three decades ago, transported their dog on vacation by putting it in a carrier on the roof of their car.  I doubt if I would do that with my labbies, but it's just a variant on the dog in the back of the pickup truck.  Nonetheless, the left played it up repeatedly, implying that Mitt was cruel to his dog.

But now we learn, via Jim Treacher who actually waded through Obama's autobiographies, that Obama, instead of putting the dog on the car roof, put his dog on a bed of argula and then transported it home in a doggie bag.  Yes, Obama has dined on Lassie.

Update: The WSJ has republished some of what are believed to be Obama's favorite dog recipes: "Yorkshire terrier pudding, mutt chop, Pekingese duck, bichon frisee salad, beagle with cream cheese, pure bread." The WSJ also claims that President Obama defines "happiness" as "a warm puppy, with a side of fries."


(Above from Instapundit, where he also informs us that “Obama just got endorsements from Michael Vick and Anthony Bourdain.”)

This provides the right with a virtually endless pool for comedy and ridicule.  So how much longer do you expect the left to keep up with the Romneys' dog story???

Let me add a mea culpa.  My best friend's brother in Korea owned a dog restaurant and, yes, I dined there more than once.  And indeed, to this day, when my dogs are bad, I threaten them by pulling out my Korean cook book and showing them the recipe for puppy-goki.  At any rate, my point here is that, in fairness to Obama, if you've gone native while living in places such as Indonesia or the far East for any length of time, there is a reasonably good chance you've dined on Lassie.

But who wants to be fair?

(See Daily Caller for more photos)

Via Instapundit, there is this from The Virginian:

“It’s amazing how the aptly named ‘Army of Davids’ is able to use the Internet and social media to run with a theme and dominate the popular imagination. We may be seeing the end of an era dominated by ability of Leftist comedians like Jon Stewart, Bill Maher or the cast of SNL to create a false image of a political figure. Perhaps the trashing of Sarah Palin was the high point of their power, just as Watergate was for the MSM. Ridicule is the most potent political weapon. Obama is rapidly looking less and less like a President and more and more like an inept pol who’s also something of a doofus.”

I would like to think that is an accurate observation.

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OBloodyHell said...

Yeah, I believe this capacity to make fun of the Left's false memes to be the thing which will win the race against President Downgrade.

I say that because I'm not so much a Romney supporter as an Obama opponent.

I think that's a key element of this race, that it be sold as a vote against Obama rather than a vote for Romney, as there seem to be a lot of idiots who can't quite grasp how bad another 4 years of The Great Big 0 will be for America.

I accept the notion that one might think Romney is a very inadequate choice. I do not accept the premise that there's no substantial difference between the two.

You may feel that both choices are bad. Whether I agree with you or not is irrelevant. To believe the two are equivalent is itself Wronger Than Wrong:

"When people thought the earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together."
-- Isaac Asimov

If we suppose I grant you that Romney is bad, I still don't grant you that the two are even vaguely close to the same degree of "bad". We're talking several orders of magnitude of difference.


P.S., I'm surprised you haven't pointed this out to your readers:
"If I Wanted America to Fail"

It's going viral, so it probably isn't needed, but it's an excellent little piece.