Friday, December 21, 2012

Heterosexual Men - A $65 Million Job Opportunity

This is sort of an adult version of a fairy tale, where princes come from far and wide to the Princess's castle in an effort to woo her, thus earning her hand and sharing her wealth.

The beautiful woman on the right is 33 year old Gigi Chao. No, she is not a princess, but she is the gorgeous daughter of billionaire real estate developer, Cecil Chao.

Mr. Chao is offering a handsome reward indeed - $65 million - to any man that can woo his daughter and win her heart. This is sounding like a great gig.

There is a catch, however. It is a herculean task given that she is . . . . gay . . . and recently married in France to another woman. None the less, the bounty stands - and every other comment I would make is wholly inappropriate for this PG-rated blog.


Bookworm said...

It's like a bizarre Cinderella story. Cinder-fella doesn't only need to be good, but he needs to convince the Princess that she's not a prince.

GW said...

Lolll. . . . well said.

Ex-Dissident said...

This is a very old story. GW read about Melampus and the women of Argos.

My prescription is:
1. Demand more money from daddy.
2. Get her drunk.
3. Build a temple to Artemis if things don't work out well.