Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Racial Grievance Industry & A Juxtaposition Of Three Cases - Zimmerman, Scott & Spooner

What do George Zimmerman, Roderick Scott and John Henry Spooner have in common? All three are men who shot and killed boys who were below the age of 17 and of a different race.

Zimmerman of course shot Trayvon Martin, black, during a brutal attack that left him bloody. The penultimate issue for the jury was whether Zimmerman was under a "reasonable" belief that he faced a threat of imminent bodily harm. That the jury did so has caused the racial grievance industry in the U.S. to go into overdrive.

John Henry Spooner is a an elderly white man in Millwauke who shot and killed an unarmed 13 year old black boy - and his neighbor - outside of the boy's home because he suspected that the boy had stolen some of his guns. He goes to trial tomorrow. There is no claim of self defense. It appears from the few facts known that this was murder, pure and simple.

Roderick Scott is a black man in Rochester, New York who came upon three 16 year old white boys whom he believed (or observed, not quite sure) were stealing from cars in the area. Brandishing a gun, he ordered them to stay in place until the police arrived. According to Scott, one of the boys charged him, saying that he was going to "get" Scott. Before the boy so much as touched Scott, he lay dead of a gunshot that Scott claimed he fired in self defense. Unlike Trayvon Martin, the person Scott shot had no history of any troubled past. Like Trayvon Martin, the boy's parents are inconsolable, believing their innocent son was murdered. Scott was acquitted of manslaughter charges yesterday following a jury trial.

Now, I admit, I only know about the facts of Spooner and Scott cases from news stories, not from the jury trials, so the thumbnail sketches that I have given above do not tell the whole story, and indeed, could well be biased. That said, let's assume the stories are accurate. Which of these two cases would you think would be national news and why?

Zimmerman did, of course, but the other one is, it may surprise you, the Spooner case, which is being billed by Yahoo News at least as "a case that bears some striking similarities to George Zimmerman's." No, there are virtually no similarities between the Zimmerman and Spooner cases. But the Zimmerman and Scott cases are indeed photo negative similar. Both were within the bounds of reasonable questions of fact on manslaughter and self defense - and both have been answered by a jury. These cases are indeed strikingly similar.

Yet you likely won't hear a single person on the left who knows of the Scott case. You will not hear of it on the national news. The Rev. Al will never mention it. And rest assured that the NAACP will not be making it their raison d'etre to insure that Scott is punished under federal civil rights laws. There will likely not be death threats against Mr. Scott, nor will he have to spend the rest of his life being hunted by the members of the racial grievance industry. And indeed, the Scott case is strictly making it to the local news - it appears nowhere on Yahoo news, ABC, CBS, NBC, or even for that matter, MSNBC.

There is probably no greater proof of how the racial grievance industry is manipulating blacks and this nation than the treatment of these three cases.

And there are others. Former representative and army officer Allen West - a man who believes that Zimmerman should have been given a trial, but solely for manslaughter - in fact points out that the Zimmerman case is no longer about justice. It is only about power and money for the racial grievance industry. Where is, he asks, the NAACP in respect to outrageous black on white violence, or for that matter, the statistically significant problem of black on black violence?

Where are they indeed.

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