Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lemon & Race.

House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi today held a hearing on "Race and Justice" in America. No Republicans were invited. The speakers were limited to race baiters who make their living off the grievance industry. No mention was made of the dysfunction in the black community, unwed mother birth rate over 75%, rampant criminality, substandard education, poverty, joblessness, etc. The entire focus of the hearing was the supposed ever increasing racism in America. And not surprisingly, the attendees came to the collective conclusion that the only way to protect blacks is to elect Democrats to the House.

The racial grievance industry and the Democrat left that is wed to it has, over half a century, proven immensely harmful to our nation - and to the black community, it has been an utter disaster. At this point, these two groups jointly pushing a canard for money and power is beyond merely immoral - it is evil.

I've been talking about the problems of race for years now on this blog. Rare is the person on the left who likewise addresses the problems head on. But hats off to CNN's Don Lemon who has indeed waded into the mud with brutal honesty:

While I appreciate the comments, the canard that the right only brings up the problems of the black community when "they want to stick it to the black community" is just off the charts ridiculous. One, every time someone on the right with a public voice brings it up, they are met with a full scale attack from the racial grievance industry. Two, in the most recent instance, the right has brought it up in response to the race hustlers' calls for the lynching of George Zimmerman. That was not to "stick it" to the black community, it was to finally start pointing out that the black community is being tremendously ill used. And that is a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops every day.

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