Thursday, July 18, 2013

Interview of Zimmerman Case Alternate Juror

1. The evidence indicated that Trayvon Martin arrived at his home, then doubled back to confront Zimmerman.

2. There was no evidence shown that it was a racist incident. The evidence was to the contrary.

3. The evidence shows that it was Zimmerman on the ground and screaming for help.

4. The verdict was accurate based on the evidence.


Ex-Dissident said...

And still, 1/2 the jurors initially wanted to convict Zimmerman. Half the country are equally insane.

GW said...

That half the jury had differing opinions at the start, without ever talking through the evidence, doesn't surprise or concern me. I have little doubt that they were being ruled by emotion. But that is why they have deliberations. And in this case, the jury ended up with, I think, the right decision.

There is an old joke - ask two Irishman about politics and you'll get three opposing opinions. I think that pretty much holds true for the entire population.