Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interesting News From Around the Web

In multicultural Britain, the Labour Party now wants to rewrite the British anthem, ‘God Save the Queen,’ to make it “more inclusive” and a little less unfriendly to its northern cousins. Specifically, the verse that calls for the “rebellious Scots” to be crushed seems to be problematic.

A fascinating post at Right Truth on the White Man’s Burden in the 21st Century

This is worrisome. Hillary Clinton seems to think Adam Smith no longer has application to our economy.

CAIR and the canard of rampant Islamaphobia at Q&O

CAIR has picked the dhimmi candidate for President. No surprises. Its John Edwards

The ACLU has a real problem with Marines praying on duty. The Marines have some suggestions for the ACLU

Remember the days when a person could figure out how to build a nuclear weapon from open sources in a library . . . . . Cheatseeking Missles has the modern Michael Crichtonesque equivalent.

From the No Good Seed Goes Unpunished category . . .

Christian Arabs are being cleansed from Palestinian controlled areas

Carl in Jerusalem tells us that Israel looking askance at the NIE on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Iraq the Model discusses how to eat an elephant in Iraq

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