Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nominations Are Up

The nominations are up at the Watcher's Council. Do enjoy them. And if you would like to submit a post for consideration by the Council, please visit the Watcher and take advantage of his offer of link whorage. The Council Nominations for the week are:

1. Wolf Howling A Tale of Two Iraqs & Two Wars
This is my look at the recent report on Iraq by LTG Barry McCaffrey, comparing it to his prior report and examining at least one aspect of how the recent report fits within the larger context of the 'global war on terror.'

2. Done With Mirrors Ron Paul
DWM examines Ron Paul's grasp of U.S. history and, in at least one critical aspect, his misapprehension of the same.

3. The Colossus of Rhodey The Arrogance
COR is looks at the double standards of our left, particularly in academia as concerns the outrageous Professor Corbett / AP History matter, and then contrasts the reaction of the left to the case brought in Canada against Mark Steyn by Muslim students.

4. The Glittering Eye Nuclear Weapons Policy in the 21st Century
TGE finds that those who argue for "nuclear free world" are unrealistic and that what we need is a realistic and effective policy of deterrence. This post is particularly timely in light of the proliferation we are beginning to see throughout the Middle East. While I agree with his concepts, I do not know how some of them would be effectively introduced, such as increasing the material costs of developing nuclear weapons.

5. Joshuapundit What Would Jesus Say To Those Who Defame His People?
Joshuapundit notes the annual stories decrying the decline in Arab Christians in the Holy Land, in particular going after a truly outrageous article by Ken Woodward that appeared in the WSJ blaming Israel for the problems being experienced by Arab Christians.

6. Bookworm Room Judeo-Christian Doctrine and Moral Freedom
This is an exceptional post examining the intersection of today's modern left and Islamism. That intersection is nihilism.

7. Rhymes With Right A Holiday Primer for Ron Paul Supporters
Ron Paul supporters are a unique and wildly eclectic breed that hold within their bosom the seeds of destruction for holiday parties. RWR provides them with some rules of ettiquete that will allow Ron Paul supporters to survive the holidays without being written off of all future guest lists.

8. Soccer Dad First Let the Lawyers Kill Us All
Overlawyering in Israel. I have always thought that Israel should have been far more aggressive against Hezbollah, though I did not understand the reason for their restraint. Now I know. One can see a very similar situation in U.S. intelligence agencies, but thankfully not yet in our military.

9. The Education Wonks George F. Will Gets Beyond NCLB
EW is concerned with the inevitable reauthorization of No Child Left Behind Act and the continuing expansion of the federal government into state and local matters of education.

10. Big Lizards Lame Duck Crushes Christmas Turkeys
A look at how that "lame duck" status is working out for George Bush and the majority party. BL makes one point that I particularly want to highlight. He believes that out of control spending by Republicans was responsible for their loss of seats in 2006, moreso than the Iraq War. I completely concur.

11. Cheat Seeking Missiles Cross About Huckabee's Cross Ad
CSM sees Huckabees use of a cross in his ads as an incredibly cynical act to leverage advertising. And as a Christian, he does not care for it.

12. Right Wing Nut House Huckadumb
Rick Moran is horrified that Huckabee may actually win the Republican nomination for a host of reasons in this post and others he has written. I think Huckabee might win in Iowa, but I hope some sanity comes quickly to the Republican party after that. A Huckabee nomination would be a disaster.

(Update: The non-council posts this week are incredibly strong. I strongly suggest taking a gander) Non-council nominations for the week are:

1. Saudi Libel Terrorism Must Be Stopped The Terror Finance Blog

2. Fear Silver Bullets

3. Pilger and His Public Oliver Kamm

4. Home For Christmas Villainous Company

5. Syrian and Iranian Axis Terrorize their Opposition Counterterrorism Blog

6. Iraq Portrait: How the Press Has Covered Events on the Ground Pew Research Center

7. Must Police Be Representative? Whom Do They Represent? Discriminations

8. Arabs in Israel The Volokh Conspiracy

9. "We Will Never Recognize... Reality" Dr. Sanity

10. Democrats' 2007 Report Card Human Events

11. Laughter and Tears Eternity Road

12. How the Democrats Must Love the Republican "Base" Classical Values

13. MMOs Bad for Planet? Dodgeblogium

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Soccer Dad said...

I don't trust the polling. Huckabee is this year's Howard Dean.

(I'm posting this in comments so if I'm wrong, no one will notice.)