Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Last Edition of Time Magazine

I've been getting this rag for I don't know how many years. And despite the fact that it is clearly a left of center magazine, I always did enjoy reading it. But while I can tolerate left wing diatribes, I've had it with Time. When, on the list of most influential and newsworthy folk, Time Magazine's editors rank General David Petraeus fifth behind not just Putin but Al Gore, than this rag is no longer worth another farthing.

Petraeus has single handidly turned a stumbling military effort and made it a success that our left not only refuses to acknowledge, but is still trying to subvert. This may be the most important event to occur in our lifetime in terms of the security of our nation. And it is a victory that comes in relation to a threat from radical Islam that our left of center folks are likewise pretending does not exist. To the extent Putin and Gore are more "newsworthy" than General Petraeus, that is only because our left wing MSM does not seem to consider success in Iraq newsworthy. What despicable sophistry.

A few months ago, in the list of 100 most influential people, our nation's President did not make the list. And in addition, Time is not renewing its contract with Charles Krauthammer. Add that to this latest outrage and, . . . well, I am just out of Time.

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